Should movie stars remain on the big screen and stay away from TV?

  • Acting gigs are tough enough already

    Every year thousands flock west with the dream of making it big on screen. Most of them end up waiting tables, or washing cars. Established major motion picture actors should leave the gigs for those who need them to pay the rent. Leave a few crumbs for the little guy.

  • No, an actor is an actor

    I don't see a big difference between movies and television and the lines blurs more and more each day. I think if an actor wants to broaden their experience, television is a good way to do it. There are more options for roles in tv that can provide a broader range for actors to draw from.

  • They can do what they want

    If a movie star wants to do something on television, who cares? They've done their time and have earned the right to pursue other opportunities that are made available to them, there's really on problem with it and too bad for some people if it's too much star power for them to handle on a sitcom.

  • No, it's up to movie stars if they want to go small screen.

    If movie stars decide that they want to move to the small screen, this should be their decision. It could be that movie roles have dried up, or they want to have a chance of pace. They shouldn't be pigeonholed as needing to do one or the other. It's even possible to move to the big screen after having a television program, as witnessed by such celebrities as Roma Downey.

  • Movie Stars should not stay away from TV

    It is my opinion that movie stars should not stay away from television in favor of feature films. I feel that at a certain point in each actor or actresses career, a television show can be a great way to connect with a different audience and showcase their talents in a different medium.

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