• Yes. Google glasses should be banned in movie theatres.

    Anything that distracts other movie goers from enjoying the movie should be banned in the movie theatre while the movie is playing. Similar to cell phones, hand held games, and even crying babies, google glasses can distract other people and should be either removed or turned off once the movie begins.

  • Yes, movie theatres should ban wearing of Google Glass.

    Yes, movie theatres should ban wearing of Google Glass. There is no question that Google Glass falls with the definition of a video recording device. While the wearer of Google Glass may not be recording the movie that they are watching, the ability to covertly record a movie is still there. They should be banned in order to protect the studios' copyright interests.

  • Yes, Google Glass can enable piracy.

    Google Glass, which provides users with a camera they can wear on their head like normal glasses, can be harmful to the business of the movie industry, where users could easily record movies while they watch them, and later resell the recordings as pirated copies. It is the best interest of the movie theaters to ban the device in their facilities.

  • Google Glass could lead to piracy

    Google glass could easily be used to tape and later pirate movies. Movie theaters have the right to protect against piracy. This piracy could cause the theater and the film makers to lose money due to decreased movie viewership. Any business has the right to protect against theft including the theft of intellectual property.

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