Should movies be rated (yes) or should parents decide what their kids can and can't watch (no)?

  • Movies should be rated.

    Movies should be rated because ratings give you guidelines for what age group would most likely enjoy the movie, so you wouldn't waste money on a movie for 5 year olds. Also if movies weren't rated little kids would be watching movies with terrible things in them such as cuss words, and drugs

  • It is much more fair towards kids.

    I think instead of parents constantly telling kids not to watch and only watch certain movies is far less liberating than when movies are just rated for viewer's discretion and kids have freedom to watch what they wish and be happy for it. I think it is much for fair for the adult knowing that the content they watch is appropriate enough and the kid who gets to watch the movie that was desired.

  • Yes, movies should be rated.

    In my opinion, movies should be rated and ratings should be strictly enforced in public. Children should not be allowed to view movies showing private adult content or graphic violence on their own whim or pleasure. Parents can monitor what the child watches at home but at the theater ratings and rating enforcement should be upheld.

  • Movies should be rated.

    Movie ratings were always meant as a guideline, anyway. Parents are expected to be the final word on whether or not a film is acceptable for their children to watch, and there are dozens of guides on the Internet available to help them make that decision. Ratings should not be abolished.

  • Parents know best

    The kids obviously don't know this type of content. If the kid wants to watch r rated movies ,the parents should decide for the kids,because parents know best. Parents know what their kids can and can't watch, and if their child will be responsible, or immature about the restricted content.

  • I'm torn, but I feel like it should just be a guideline.

    Personally, I've been affected by this. Being under the age of 17, I'm not allowed to watch an R-rated film by myself in the theater, even if my parents are OK with it (which they usually are, I mean they let me watch Goodfellas and Apocalypse Now). Ratings should exist, but not actually be like enforced, just a guideline.

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