• Yes they should

    Yes, more movies should feature female protagonists. They should start portraying women more positively and as role models instead of just scantily clad like so many other movies do. In this way, young girls can have something to look up to and they can learn positive lessoms for their life.

  • There needs to be more female leads who are representative of real women

    Unfortunately, both genders are happy to watch films with male leads, but men don't want to watch films with female leads- unless of course, said female lead is dressed/acts provocatively. If a film has a female protagonist, she is nearly always highly sexualized; as if to say "The only reason a film about a woman would be worth watching, is if she's virtually naked and can be objectified". Despite this being the 21st century, many men are still intimidated by powerful women. Take Lara Croft for example; she was a strong, steadfast character- yet she just HAD to be dressed in that tight vest and those tiny shorts otherwise the games/films wouldn't have been half as well received.

  • So Long As They are Tasteful

    There should be many more female protagonists in movies and books, so long as they are tastefully done. Katniss Everdeen, Tris Prior and even Bella Swan can all be considered strong female characters for young women to emulate. Older female stars such as Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman have also portrayed strong female protagonists in movies that can serve as role models for millions of women across several generations.

  • I Would Love To See More

    I believe movies should feature more female protagonists, but I think Hollywood's obsession with beauty as stopped real talent from mixing in. We don't have great female actresses. Yes, we have a few good ones, but no one who really stands out as a great actress. I think if we did, we would have more films based around female protagonists.

  • No, everybody goes to see a leading man.

    No, I don't think movies should feature more female protagonists. Movies with female lead characters are not always that successful. Most hugely successful and popular movies have strong male lead characters who pull the audience into the movie. I think movies that follow traditional casting tend to be more popular.

  • There are many.

    No, movies should not feature more female protagonists, because there are already many female protagonists. Every Disney movie has a female protagonist, who has to figure out how to save the world and win the heart of the prince in the process. The movies are already quite balanced when it comes to gender.

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