• Yes we should indeed

    It simply isn't fair that the school board does not let you have an mp3 player in school. It is no distraction and there is no purpose that we should not have a music player. I would just love thinking about having to listen to my favorite artist/band during my free time. It's perfectly fine in my perspective. I think it is just cruelty because if we couldn't listen to music for a whole 8 hours, i would probably be mentally insane. That is all i have to say

  • Yes they should

    The reason why I think that is because sometimes kids can do homework and class work without any distractions and music is all around us so why not in school. These are some reasons why I think Mp3 players should be allowed in school. What are your opinions about this.

  • Collin knows it

    Yes because kids need to refocus there brain like at recess so they can get back on there school topic or what they are learning ............ ..................... .................... ............ .............. ......... ............. ............. ............... .............. ........... So ya that's why i think kids should have mp 3 players in there class

  • Yes, mp3 players should be allowed in school.

    Mp3 and music players pose no threat to academic activities inside of the schools. Rules can be enforced inside of classrooms that may not allow the players to be on during class. But having the mp3 player at school is not an issue and should be allowed for everyone to bring them.

  • Yes they should.

    Scientists already proved in their studies that music stimulates the brain. Plus music can boost a child’s self confidence in a way that we as adults wouldn’t able to understand sometimes. It increases our coordination and our pattern recognition. Therefore,music has been a great help in our society. Why ban?

  • YES it should be allowed.

    My math and science teacher took my mp3 player just because I had it out. I think it is absolutely fine to have an mp3 player at school as it's not invading anyone's privacy, in fact, it helps me concentrate t school. But my stupid teacher thinks, its okay to take something off me that helps me concentrate. RIDICULOUS

  • We should have mp3 players

    It honestly does not matter to me because i have to sit in the office all day for 5 more days because i got caught with a condom then fought the period after. So i listen to it anyways cause i dont give a shit like all i care about is music and it sucks that all this bs is going round bout the goody goodies saying no prolly because they dont have good music to listen to you stuck up pricks!.

  • Absolutely, they should

    I always thought that mp3 players should be allowed, Music has always been a part of my life and sometimes, I need to listen to certain songs, either so I can learn them as I play the drums, or to cheer myself up when I'm down. Either way, music is important and should not be prevented. By this, I do not mean leave radios, as they are honestly pointless when it comes to specific songs, and is usually worse than the mp3s people listen to.

  • Yes, we should be allowed to have mp3 players!

    Studies show that people work better and focus better when listing to music! A study at Stanford shows that hen listing to music you can focus and pay attention better. This is why we should be aloud to have mp3 players in class. It helps the kids and teachers alike.

  • Yes they should

    Music won't be a distraction. Some use music to refocus their attention. They could block out noise to help direct focus and attention span. You could work faster and more efficiently with the music being involved in a study session or lunch period. You could get a healthier and happier lunch and session

  • No Mp3 Players

    Mp3 players should not be allowed in schools. There is enough distractions such as trying to keep cell phones out of the class room instead of adding to the problem by allowing Mp3 players. Mp3 players have the purpose of downloading music. Most likely the student is not downloading Mozart.

  • No time for games

    No, Do not play with MP3 players as regards to the learning disabilities, Even if a teacher insist or allows this kind of playing( which I don’t think they would allow this), Some parents want them to learn and some prenatal might even say “I don’t like this or, I might as well let u stay home “ which is also true since u do nothing during the day but playing the game. In my class there is 50 👩‍🎓 students 👨‍🎓 in all so imagine all 59 of them leaving since we have two classes and I am in the fifth grade. But if they leave wouldn’t that be a job concern because you wouldn’t have no money. Playing on those games or maybe even phone are not supposed to be used a lot ( which is what I’m doing lol 😂 but no this is why you shouldn’t let them play the games

  • No because they

    Could get distracted and it could be stolen by somebody that is jealous if they don't have one. And it could be really bad for if somebody is listening to music and is called on by the teacher they will not know the answer. And that could lead to trouble.

  • I say no because it will ruin our quality life

    Music is distracting to others and it is not fair to the people who don't have Mp3 players in school or in the class rooms. Surely some people are not distracting when they have music in there ears but you are not learning. Also local people probably listen to music out side of school and that is okay, just a quick thought make sure it is appropirate

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  • No they should not

    Because it could be distracting or you could lose it or get stollen
    It's just like texting what will you do when you have A 40 problem homework just because you didn't do it at school like you are supposed to but you where texting or listening to music.

    So I think they should not have MP3 players.

  • Yes they should

    It's not the school's business if we do it in our free time. It infringes on our free rights. Only certain people misuse the privilege, like gum, yet the majority is blamed and punished. Music actually helps me get motivated for school. Students may get angry at the rules and refuse to learn.

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