Should MSNBC guest Arsalan Iftikhar apologize for saying Gov. Bobby Jindal "might be trying to scrub the brown off his skin"?

  • Yes Iftikhar should apologize

    It can't get much dirtier than to rely on personal attacks when discussing contentious issues. Personal attacks draw away from the main issue at hand and blind everyone to what the real issue is. Iftikhar should seriously consider his statement and implications it has. A public apology is the only solution.

  • Arsalan Iffikhar Racial

    Yes, Arsalan Iftikhar should give an apology because no one asked for racial slurs. It truly does not make a difference in scrubbing off color because all humans still have the same color blood. Arsalan Iftikhar should try to wash the dirt from his brain and his mouth. Apologize man!

  • Stop Apologizing for Everything

    The culture of being offended by everything needs to end. While the comment was insensitive and inappropriate, there is far too much focus on comments like these. The focus on giving or taking offense it too strong, and is developing further racism and making race and socio economic relations far more difficult.

  • Cable news thrives on controversial opinion.

    Cable news thrives on controversial opinion. Why invite someone on your network, incite them to speak their minds, and then hammer them with punishment? I expect Hannity or Maddow or O'Reilly to say outlandish things. I expect guests to be loud, obnoxious, rude, and at times offensive. I don't have a constitutional right to not be offended. Besides, how sincere is a forced apology, anyway?

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