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  • Reverts Back to Old Regime

    If Hosni Mubarak is released from his medical confinement, Egypt will slip back into its old ways. Mubarak may still have allies in the military that can help him. Rioting will happen in Cairo as people take to the streets to protest Mubarak's release. If Egypt wants another chance to be in anarchy, then Mubarak should be let go.

  • Mubarak should not be released because he will once again take over control of his country

    Those supporting the release of Mubarak may be acting from good intentions but it's doubtful that his release will benefit his country in the long run. What the country needs is someone new with more democratic and egalitarian ideas to lead that nation into 21st century thinking. After all, he is in prison because of the will of the people. On the other hand, if he agrees to go into permanent exile, his release to another country that will accept him would clear the way for the Egyptian people to psychologically accept the beginning of a new way of thinking.

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