• These products would be very useful on the market.

    Mucoid plaque removal products should be sold to consumers because they will have a useful application to people's health. There are numerous supplements on the market that are helpful for other ailments. Psyllium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin B12 are some examples. These new removal products could join them on the market as effective solutions to very real health issues.

  • Yes, if people will buy it

    I do not see a problem with selling mucoid plaque removal products to people as long as there is a demand for the product. I do not think that it will be harmful to the people around them, and therefore I do not believe that the government has any right to restrict commerce in this case.

  • Sure, let them have all the junk science they can eat!

    Sure, I don't have a problem selling "mucoid plaque removal products" to consumers. Stupid people get parted from their money in all sorts of amusing ways. If they want to do this or some other junk science "health" thing, then they should be allowed to do it. Sometimes even a placebo effect makes a person feel better.

  • Consumer Products need Substance to be sold

    The knock on mucoid plaque removal products is that there has not been enough substance and understanding around the origin of these products. Many consumers and people who have used these products have not been satisfied There are also a lot of reports about the remedy being a hoax which has scared off a lot of consumer as well.

  • No, it's a fraud.

    Mucoid plaque removal products are a fraud and shouldn't be sold anywhere to anyone. It's time to start cracking down on products such as this, which is nothing but a form of snake oil. Too much money each year is lost from unsuspecting people to swindlers and fraudsters. If it's illegal to count cards, this should be illegal too.

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