Should multiculturalism and diversity be embraced or not?

Asked by: g0yim
  • Embraced but not forced upon us

    I feel like these opinions are often far too restrictive as I often have to pick a side as I am more in the middle ground. First of all you use the word diversity improperly here, using it to mean racial diversity, however there are other forms of diversity that are good such as intellectual diversity. Different ideas are good because competing ideas force people to defend their position more. If everyone on earth agreed with one religion then we would have no reason to believe it other than because everyone else does. Now we have to think critically and choose for ourselves what we believe in.

    Second point, multiculturalism can be good or bad depending on how its used. If we hire more black professors, but it turns out that they are better professors then it is good, but if we hire them only because they are black and they are worse than their white peers then it is bad.

    Lastly, G0yim arguments and debates are good, I do not understand why you are associating a negative connotation to those ideas.

  • Diversity only separates us, not unite us.

    I believe diversity only separates us from each other and causes more arguments than help for each other.

    Look at Christianity and Islam. You can never convince either side that one ideology is better than the other. This is an example of why I think we should try to stick with each other instead of vice versa.

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Fernyx says2016-12-11T05:23:39.010
Multiculturalism should not be embraced, but it is fine if diversity is embraced as long as it is not forced.
vi_spex says2016-12-11T05:35:07.193
Simply ban islam
Gareth_BM says2016-12-11T14:14:02.557
That depends. We need true multiculturalism where there is a melting pot of cultures not the creation of areas in countries where different groups lives. That only serves to create tension and conflict between groups.
vi_spex says2016-12-11T14:39:55.713
Multiculturalism is a word for racists, ban islam
vi_spex says2016-12-11T14:57:56.127
Islam is forced, ban islam