Should municipalities develop their own regulated e-hail system for cabs similar to Uber and Lyft?

  • Yes, municipalities should consider developing their own regulated e-hail systems.

    Anyone following the news in the last half a year or so has likely noticed the controversy stirred up by Uber and Lyft in relation to local governments and businesses as the companies have spread. One way to deal with these conflicts is for the governments to establish their own local system that would compete with the companies. Regulations could be developed that all operators would have to be held to, and the local government could generate some much-needed revenue.

  • Municiplaties need to stay out of Uber and Lyft's territory.

    I strongly feel municipalities have no business jumping on the Uber/Lyft train. This notion of " regulating" just implies " taxing ". Uber & Lyft operate outside of these regulations as a private entity. Having municipalities develop their own will just result in another cab ride scenario. Uber was introduced to help people avoid this so suggesting introducing a gov't regulated system is just a bad idea.

  • Uber and Lyft need no local regulations

    Uber and Lyft are looking at municipalities using legislation to make their services unavailable. The idea of manipulating laws to help taxi services who are opposed to the services has many people surprised at the backhanded agendas against Uber and Lyft. The unique services should be controlled by the same people who govern the taxi services and people should be impressed with the ingenuity of the service instead of attacking it for being something different (and less expensive.)

  • No, I don't believe that municipalities should develop their own regulated e-hail system for cabs.

    No, I don't believe that municipalities should develop their own regulated e-hail system for cabs. I think that Uber and Lyft are extremely interesting and inventive uses of technology crossed with a daily need and I don't think that it is fair for municipalities develop their own, much better funded versions to put the home grown groups out of business.

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