• Murder is the MOST moral way to deal with overpopulation.

    Child limits are unnatural and they are indiscriminate about the people that dont get to live, people who never had the chance to live at all. Legal murder brings an air of fear that prevents evil. Good people wont go on killing sprees for fun, and people that would rape or murder for pleasure or profit would not live long. Legal murder promotes good behavior and the will to strive to treat people right. I would be much less afraid to live in that world than this one.

  • There are to many people

    The amount of people on this planet is just to damn high. We will eventually have to end up killing people so that others are able to live. And then the same thing will end up happening but in a more brutal way and then there will be more wars and such

  • No by definition

    Definition of murder: "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." It has unlawful in its definition. It is impossible to be done, and for something to should happen, there must exist a hypothetical scenario in which it could happen. For those reasons the answer is a no.

  • Murder is Immoral and There are Moral Ways to Deal with Overpopulation

    It is not fair to murder someone else because it goes against their right to live. If you were referring to overpopulation, there are other ways to deal with overpopulation that are moral. Putting a limit on how much children people can have is one way that overpopulation can be dealt with. China currently does this. We should try to stop overpopulation in moral ways, but going against people's right to live is immoral.

  • There are better ways to deal with overpopulation

    Making murder legal is a horrible idea. Taking away other people's life is very bad and should remain illegal. If murder would be legal, any one would just kill anybody. The people would ignore who is good and who is bad. Also, it would be impossible to regulate. Even innocent people would be start murdering and the whole thing would be run out of control

  • It would be impossible to regulate.

    I'd like to hear your ideas on how you plan to regulate such a horrid idea. You're afraid that the planet is too populated so you think murdering innocent people is the way to solve the issue? That's a sick way of solving a problem.
    We all have a right to live. We have laws to keep us in line and the majority of people do obey the laws. Let's focus on fixing the legal system and keeping the bad guys locked up.

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