• An eye for an eye.

    Yes, murderers proven guilty should be subject to the death penalty as punishment, because they have to learn that they cannot get away with their crimes. They did not allow their victims to live, so they should not live themselves. This is the best way to make society whole again.

  • They are guilty

    If you are found guilty of murder then you should be given a mandatory death sentence for your crimes. You had no reason to kill and it is the only way to get justice. I think that rapists and terrorists should also be given mandatory death sentences. They destroy lives and there is no place for them in society.

  • Yes, murderers should get the death penalty.

    I definitely think that murderers who are proven to be guilty of their crimes should be subjected to the death penalty as a punishment. I think that a murderer being sentenced to death is a fair and just consequence. I support the death penalty because it might deter a lot of murderers.

  • Murderers deserve teh death penalty.

    I believe that anyone proven guilty of committing a murder should automatically be subject to the death penalty as punishment. Taking a human life is unforgivable. Anyone who is proven guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt, should face the same future that he provided to his victim. If nothing else, being subject to the death penalty might work as a deterrent for others.

  • Are you prepared to be the executioner?

    It is easy to support something when you don't have any direct involvement in the process. If citizens had to be selected (as for jury duty) to be executioners or maybe even mandate that the next of kin (of murder victims) be responsible for execution then there probably would be very little support for it.. If someone is killed during an act of self-defense or in a pre-emptive strike to eliminate a threat to the citizenry then this is a legitimate use of deadly force. But once a dangerous individual is arrested, incarcerated and effectively no longer pose a threat to society then to at some point in the future take this person and conduct an execution is wrong.

  • The death penalty is archaic and unjust.

    The death penalty is never justified. All people, even people guilty of terrible crimes, have a right to life. If we kill a person for killing a person, we are no better than they are. People can change. If we kill them, they will never have the opportunity to change their ways. Death for causing death is a bad policy, especially when our justice system is notorious for wrongful conviction.

  • We need to study each case individually.

    Murderers proven guilty should not always be subject to the death penalty as punishment. This is because a number of these killings involve self-defense or the killing of an abuser. We need to look at each case on its own merit. If it is a senseless killing, then the dealth penalty is justified, otherwise a closer look has to be taken.

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