Should murderers, rapists, and the like be put into a special "Cemetery of Disgrace" when they die?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Sends a strong message

    People who do these evil things don't deserve to be honored after they are gone. They deserve disgrace. We should cemeteries of disgrace for these people where people are permitted to go in and vandalize their tombstones and shout slogans such as "Shame! Shame! Shame!" This would act as a deterrent to all sorts of crimes. With our particularly narcissistic society where everyone wants to be oh so loved by everyone this could be a highly effective deterrent.

  • Yes, they should

    I do agree with this. They do not deserve to have a proper burial and be put to rest peacefully like a good, honest person. How would you feel if your mother was murdered and buried, but then one day when you were visiting her grave, you saw that her murderer had somehow died and been buried next to her?

  • Yes it should

    Murders kidnappers and rapist should not be burried with good honest people that have done nothing bad to wards man kind so why should we put fith with our clean sheets ( a.K.A put killers in a secrate place) they have not done anything to deserve to be put with good people and yes a special cemetary is built for thoes sort of people its called HELL!!!

  • Thats wrong on so many levels

    Nobody deserves to be put in a pit of enternal misery. Thats wrong on so many levels. If you had changed your life around and you lknew that even though your a total new person., you would stilll have to go to a place where you would lie in eternal shame?

  • It is not our place to judge.

    Going to prison does not mean that people are forever stripped of their constitutional rights. In most states, voting rights are restored after a period of supervision is completed, which is usually 12-36 months. People DO go to prison. They PAY their debt to society. What more do you want? What will your attitude be when one of your close family members, or even you yourself, ever get wrapped up in something and get sentenced to a number of years in prison? Can anyone ever redeem themselves in your eyes?

  • Too expensive and pointless

    Murderers, rapists and such don't care how society labels or feels about them while they are alive, they will definitely care how society see them when they are dead! That is just extra resources and burial space taken away from the rest of us. Some of these criminals are teachers, religious leaders, couches and even parents. They do not take pride in their position and their responsibilities given to them by their community or employer, or entrusted by other parents, they still decide to commit criminal actions knowing that they might get caught and exposed and then judged. Out judgement after their death will be the least or not even make it on their "bucket" list.

  • Who gives a crap

    No-one cares what happens to your body after you die. Maybe your body should become sole property of the state and be used for medical research. It's silly superstition that people somehow require their bodies to be in a decent state after death. Why would it matter to me whether my broken down body ends up in a landfill or a cemetery?

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