• Museum curators are key

    Museum curators should learn lessons in conservation verse preservation. This will help them be knowledgable in a field that they do not know enough about. This field of knowledge will help the museums become more successful and a god steward to the works of art that are in their possession.

  • Yes, they need to have it.

    The point of museums is to preserve and protect the monuments, pieces of paper, and artifacts that history has held so important. We cannot hire museum curators who do not have proper training in this field because it completely disregards the entire purpose of a place to keep these things safe.

  • Should Receive Both

    In my opinion, museum curators, should receive training in both conservation and preservation, not just one or the other. I would think that this would already be the case as a museum curator would possible face the task of picking which to use in some circumstances, Both methods are vitally important.

  • It seemsp intrinsc

    Museum curatorship is a professional job that requires extensive knowledge in the subject knowledge. Therefore it seems natural that their training should be as comprehensive and inclusive as possible. It may not always be required within schooling, but certainly ongoing professional development could provide the opportunities for such types of education .

  • no, they should not.

    Their sole purpose should be preservation. That is what a museum is all about; the preservation of historical artefact's. Anything else doesn't even come to being close. And, I think to teach anything other than this gets in the way of their actual task. Just keep it to preservation only.

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