• Yes, museums should charge as much as they want.

    Museums have every right to charge as much as they want for admission. Unless the museum was funded by tax payer money, I do not see any reason why they should not be allowed to charge whatever price they want for tickets. People will decide if the ticket prices are fair by not going to the museum.

  • Yes, I believe museums should be able to charge as much as they want for admissons.

    I believe it should be up to the Museum's management on how much they wish to charge for admissions, if the general public feels that it's worth the price they will continue to visit the museum and support it, if they charge to much then people will refuse to visit and the Museum will have to re-evaluate their approach.

  • Only Private Museums

    I believe private museums should enjoy the benefit of setting their own admission prices. State or government owned museums should be funded with taxes and operate on donations, people shouldn't have to pay to enter. Of course the wonderful thing about setting your own prices is the fact that you can easily run your self out of business if you over evaluate your worth. People will only pay so much, after that they're apt to stop coming.

  • Let the market work

    Museums should be able to charge whatever prices they want for admission. If their prices are too high, then not enough people will visit and they will have to lower them. In a capitalistic society, the market should determine what price a business sets for their product. A museum should be just the same.

  • They have to pay their bills.

    Yes, museums should be able to charge as much as they want for admissions, because going to a museum is not a right. A museum has to take in more money than they spend in order to keep their doors open. They have to balance admissions with donations in order to stay afloat.

  • It is not fair

    The museums may overcharge and may give special discounts to those of a special gender, religion or race but those which are not favoured by the museum do not receive a discount and may be overcharged. The government needs to look at the charges and decide if it favours a racial , gender or religion before approving of these charges.

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