Should museums, zoos, and science centers be tax-funded?

  • Culture is culture

    The arts and our cultural history, and indeed the cultural history of the world, should be supported by the government and the people. We cannot trust private ventures to invest in these enterprises, which rarely, if ever, turn a profit. The people have to maintain the upkeep of our cultural history.

  • Yes they should.

    I think that these things are somewhat acceptable to be funded through taxes. The thing is that if they are funded by taxes then they need to stop charging admission. Many of these places cost more to go to than a movie. So we shouldn't have to pay twice to get in.

  • As Long As Admission is Charged

    Tax-funded museums and zoos are fine so long as admission fees go back into the revenue stream for these institutions. Taxes are great for starting and building these monuments to the arts and sciences, but admission and parking fees should be used to keep the facilities going. Otherwise, the institutions will stagnate and not grow or expand.

  • They should be partially tax funded

    I do not believe that museums, zoos, and science centers should completely funded by the tax dollars, but do believe that a percentage should be funded by taxes. This will bring down the cost for visitors to enjoy the learning associated with these places. Many people can not afford to visit these types of places and this is unfair.

  • Yes but with benefits

    I think there should be museums zoos and science centers that are tax funded, but if we do this then there should not be a $20 fee to then enter the location. If we fund them from taxes let them be free to everyone. If we make them private then have the fee.

  • Job and education growth

    Zoos should be funded at least in part by taxes. If these were to be done entrance and other fees would lessen allowing those on a limited budget to visit. Zoos not only bring in jobs but they also reinforce education. Through zoos children may learn about entire ecosystems that exist on the other side of the world, they foster a love for animals and provide entertainment to the entire family. In a time where everything is getting more expensive and everyone is cutting back zoos could offer more jobs, from ticket takers to zookeepers, maintenance staff or administration; there are many people that make a zoo run that are rarely seen or thought of, but these are all more jobs. If no tax funding is available zoos may end up closing down, which would result in the loss of those jobs, the potential loss of the lives of some of the animals and a loss for worthwhile activity for the community.

  • No

    They charge admission to get in, fees to take part in special activities, donations, and more. Zoos I can see have a large amount of expenses but the others should be making more than enough on admissions alone to stay open, there is no reason tax money should be given to them as well. Give them a tax break yes, funding, no.

    Posted by: jus
  • No Tax Funding

    No. Museums, zoos, and science centers are not essential to grow the country and its citizens, and should not be funded by taxpayer money. These institutions all charge fees for various things including admission, which makes it a bit unfair if they're getting paid with taxes. I think a good way to handle it would be an OPTIONAL way to support them, but people can choose to donate to them directly anyway without government involvement.

    So, it's best to just keep it separate.

  • No

    Our tax money is already spread so thin. The last thing we need is for someone else asking for those dollars. And we do not want taxes raised so I would say no. If tax money paid for it then the government would have to be involved with managing each of them also.

  • No

    They should not because zoos, museums and science centers charge entrance fees then they are making money. Then why do they need more money. They should have enough to support there centers. They should not close and I-understand maybe zoos might need the support, because they have to pay employees and support the animals and there needs. but other centers should not need them. They should be able to support themselves. Schools need more funding not places like this.

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