• It shouldn't be allowed for kids

    Young kids shouldn't be allowed to listen to music advocating violence until they are mature enough to handle it. When they reach a certain age, they should be allowed to make their own decisions about what they listen to. If they are exposed too early, they might be negatively influenced by it.

  • No Advocating Violence

    Advocating violence is not the purpose of music television. Just as the movies are inundated with violence, people have a choice to pay for the movie or to not watch the movie. The television is a platform that can control the violence and be an advocate of such violent action.

  • It should be allowed

    I think that music should be able to advocate anything that it wants. It is freedom of speech. People have a right to say what they want. I think that stores can choose to sell or not sell music that advocates violence. Also I think that individual people can choose whether or not to listen to music advocating violence.

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