Should music, art, drama, home economics and ancient languages be dropped from high schools?

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  • Variety Is Necessary

    While attending high school learning about a variety of fields is necessary. After high school teenagers will be moving on to college, where they will be forced to make decisions about the rest of their education and exactly what they will continue to study. For this reason, it is important to include topics like music, art, and drama. Home economics can be a widely useful class because it teaches people how to perform daily tasks, like cooking and sewing. While home economics may not lead to a future career, it certainly helps when you loose a button down the road. Ancient languages, on the other hand, are probably useless at the high school level.

  • No, that would be terrible.

    Music, art, drama and the likes should not be dropped from high schools. Teenagers are at a delicate age between being a child and transitioning to adulthood they do not need us taking away their outlets and ways to express themselves. It is important for school to have and maintain.

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