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  • Hahahaha good one!

    Yeah no. Censoring lyrics really ruins a lot of the emotion artists put into their songs. And if you're a parent, whether you like it or not, your kid is gonna know some swear words. One thing I noticed while playing the Green Day Rockband was that they censored the swears but left in all the drug references. It's more hurtful for a kid hearing about cocaine and then deciding to try it when he has the chance than him being able to say feces in a non-school appropriate manner. Just my take on the argument. You censor the swear words, you need to censor the things that could be more harmful especially to a kid listening to the album. There's no use hiding swears anyways. Just tell your kid not to say them and they'll be fine.

  • Music is Truth

    While there is a lot of music out there which is being distributed to kids which is sexually explicit or contains foul language, we must understand that music is, and always has been, a way to tell stories, without the fear of being shut-down. If music was to be censored, we would have no groups like Public Enemy or Rage Against The Machine enlightening us about political issues, no Bob Dylan to tell us about the change in society, and there would be young teens aching to let out their feelings, but fearing the watchful eye of the musical Big Brother. Musical Censorship is what will kill music dead.

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