• Music SHOULD be free

    People out there don't the money or the experience in order to buy or find a website to find free music. I understand the artists don't make enough money, but can't they make money another way? I mean if they are really a good artist, they would have sold out concerts. But if they don't, they don't deserve to be an artist. Music is meant for people to enjoy, not to punish people so that they can't buy the music they love. You know, poor people need music too!

  • Yes, Music should be free.

    Music should be free because some people can not afford to buy and listen to it. If it is free on YouTube or the radio the why not make it free all the time. Artist are making enough money as it is so they can make it free and it wont effect them. I think that music should be free.

  • More people will listen

    More people will listen to music if it is free. Artist already make enough money so they don't need to sell it on devices. Artist would be more popular as well. If people can listen to it for free on the radio or YouTube then why can't they any other time?

  • It's not being greedy.

    Musicians make money from royalties, advances, playing live, selling merchandise, and licensing fees for their music. If music is free, the only downfall would be them living slightly less luxuriously. We would be saving tons of money ourselves. Just think about it. Four hundred songs bought from iTunes is over $400 spent. I understand that they've put a lot of effort into their work, so there should be an option to instead pay for the song/album as a donation. And for those who say "making music free means music is worthless" think of it this way. Are hugs from your mother or kisses from a partner free? Yes. Are they worthless? Far from it.

  • Most Modern Music Artists Are Very Greedy And Very Rich, Good Music Should Be Free

    Again most modern music artists are rich and swimming in boatloads money. Most are corrupt and in it just for the money and fame. Concerts generate lots of money and should be more often in smaller towns of fans. Most kids think downloading music is "free" so they download it and get their parents in trouble and lose access to the internet.

  • Passion over money

    A true musician produces music because they love it, not because they're hoping to make money off of it. I stongly feel that music should be free because, as an artist myself, I believe that it is more of a beautiful hobby than a career. And also, as a socialist, I believe free music could easily be plausible in a socialist society.

  • Music is Sold For a Reason

    I can see where people would think that it being free would be good, but is it honestly? Artists have to pour money out of their pockets to make music, and if they're not getting paid anything then they have to pay to do what they love. Sure things like sports have to be paid for and people may love doing those, but think of all of the hours and other money they have to spend to be good enough to produce music. They need money to feed their family, and if they don't have that then they're kind of screwed.

  • I say yes

    Artist are already making a ton of money. So why do they need more? Song writers make money by writing songs. If we pay them with music then they'll be getting more unessasary money. We, The fans, Pay for concerts and merch. So it needs to be free! Thank you!

  • Music Should Be Free

    There are many arguments on if music should be free but I’d like to present some facts that may change some people’s minds. First of all, The music industry relies mainly on touring currently. It used to be you went on a tour to promote an album but now it is releasing an album to promote a tour. Albums are just a small fraction of income. Why do many artists go YEARS without releasing albums yet are often touring non stop. If they were truly such cash cows you might imagine there would be coming out yearly or every other year. Secondly, It is so much easier to record at home. Say 20-30 years ago you recorded an album. A studio would have to be found and rented out with engineers and producers. All this can be done at home now. All the artist needs is the equipment and software and even equipment can be rented. Finally physical media is becoming obsolete. Downloads and streaming is more popular than going out and getting a CD or Vinyl LP. Those should be bought with money so the artist can afford to manufacture more off of the product (it can cost $8-10 to manufacture 1 record alone). However it should not cost money to enjoy art. Are you going to charge everyone who looks at a paintings $9. 99 just to look at it? Most people would scoff at that idea because it’s absolutely ludicrous. The same should apply for music. Careers should be made of of the merchandise and other assorted products and not the art being presented.

  • Music is music!

    Music SHOULD in fact be free because why pay to sense something sure you can pay to eat but paying for music. . . That's like paying to smell or see something that you want to smell/see. Yes the artist will not make as much money but most artist do it just to make others happy or because that's what they simply enjoy doing. We spent too much money on things today, New phones, Cars, Clothes, Etc but music should not be one of those things that we spend money on a daily, Monthly or yearly basis.

  • It Shouldn't Be Free

    Music should not be free. Artists and record labels spend a lot of time and money creating music.Millions of dollars go into making an album, sometimes even one song. Due to this, music should not be free at all. Those people deserve to be compensated for their time and effort of making the music.

  • Current Music Needs Support.

    I know bands can make money through tours and music videos, but making music free is not fair to them. What about struggling musicians that are trying to get started without a label to produce their music? Expecting them to make their music without financial support is something they cannot consider.

  • For the love of music

    Artists do make money from live shows and merchandise, but they are bi-products of the music itself. If music is free then people would not be making music for the love of music. Musicians are not the greedy ones it is you, the consumer that is greedily stealing what another person has poured there heart and soul into.

  • Music shouldn't be free

    The artists that go through the time and hard work writing and producing their own music deserve to be paid. Although people believe that they become greedy from the amount of money they make, that isn't the case. Normally they have a family to take care of and music if their job to make money. Taking that away from them is basically taking someones job that they put their whole life into making. Yes it can be very pricey to get music after awhile so it being free would be a easy answer, but if you take your pay check away because you should be doing your job for free. It's the same as taking the money away from the music business. Plus most of the money goes back to the record label, not the artist that is creating the music in the first place.

  • People don't seem to understand how the music economy works

    Average people seem to think that money just falls out of the sky for musicians!!!!! No, they have to work for it just like everybody else!!! The more fans they have, the more they have to work!! Buying a musician's single or album is the best way to support them and make sure that they can continue to give us great art. Musicians can not always trust people to donate money to them!!! If you dont wanna buy music then don't but NEVER STEAL IT.

  • No, music shouldn't be free.

    People seem to think that being an artist/band/musician isn't a real job. They make money from their music being sold just like food companies make money from their products being sold. Artists are no different. These people spend time and effort to produce something. On top of that, It costs money to record an album and have someone master it. To those that say that artists shouldn't be greedy and only do music because they love doing it, would you agree to being paid nothing to do your job? Making music is a job and artists should be paid because of their work just as you are paid because of your work.

  • We will lose more potential artists.

    I am a musician myself and I agree that music should be produced for fun/the love of music. But getting no income from record sales would influence the starters in the music world. Besides, it's hard to generate cash flow with merchandise/show and radio-play a starting musician. That's why artists should still receive money for their albums.

  • It's harder than it looks.

    Musician invest time, blood, sweat and tears into their music. A chef or a doctor could do the same, yet they are paid for their services. Why is it a musician is expected to take it upon themselves to offer their work for free? Musicians have to pay to make their music, then pay to try to even get it heard! It's the opposite of greedy when one spends most of their free time AFTER working a day job to practice hours on end while an average person sits around watching TV or goes partying.

  • Music is not an entitlement.

    Most musicians are not the super rich (or super in debt, sold their souls to record labels) people that we hear about in Rolling Stone and Entertainment Tonight. There is a large middle class of musicians who work hard to support themselves and their family with their music. Why should their hard work and practice be handed to the masses with no compensation? Is it greedy to want to feed your family? Why should one profession be fairly compensated and another not? Aren't we all free to be able to make money to provide for the things we want? Musicians put in YEARS of hard work and practice developing their talents to be able to put out a quality product, no different than an engineer or doctor doing years of schooling. Musicians deserve to be rewarded for their hard work so that they will be able to continue to put out music you like. It's selfish and an entitlement mentality to think that you deserve the result of another persons hard work without any compensation. Art is not free for consumption unless you make it yourself, you are not entitled to the result of years of hard work, practice, research, and diligence of another person. Musicians do it because they love it, but if they can't pay their bills they can't continue to make music.

  • Music (other than free give away by the musician themselves) should NOT be free

    Just because I like Ferrari and the fact I can't afford it doesn't mean that I'm allowed to steal it. Just because it's so easy to get free music nowadays with the current technology, it doesn't make downloading illegal mp3 on some website the right thing to do. It is still WRONG thing to do.

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slunky says2018-10-27T04:43:40.070
Anyone who thinks music should be free is a greedy consumer who is certainly no artist

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