• Music should be free!

    People without money like music too but they can't afford it because it costs money. Also, If music is free more people will listen to it which will lead to more people at concerts. Artist like making music they shouldn't care to much about getting a lot of money. Thanks for reading.

  • Music should be free

    Music should be free so then even homeless people can listen to music for free and people my only want a demo because they may want to listen only for a little bit instead of paying 5. 00 and not even like it so this is why music should be free.

  • I like music

    I really like to listen to music and other people like to listen to music. I want all music to be free so I can listen to all music anywhere any place. I like music! I love music! Gimme free music! Music should be free for all people! Go music!

  • I think all music should all be Free

    Music should be free so everyone can listen to it whenever they want for free bc y shouldn't it be so everyone can hear different music styles and different artist for free instead of having to pay more just to listen to the music so I believe that it should be 100% free

  • Music has no price

    Music should be for free, It is made for peoples entertainment and not for them to spend money on it. Apps like Anghami make it for free but say that you can pay for removing ads. That should be allowed but not paying for videos and lyrics for the songs.

  • IT'S FREE ON RADIO AND OTHERS! Why not all apps, Please the people, At least have some free apps and like some songs pay

    It's not being greedy. If music is free, The only downfall would be them living slightly less luxuriously. Musicians make money from royalties, Advances, Playing live, Selling merchandise, And licensing fees for their music. We would be saving tons of money ourselves. Just think about it. Four hundred songs bought from iTunes is over $400 spent. I understand that they've put a lot of effort into their work, So there should be an option to instead pay for the song/album as a donation. And for those who say "making music free means music is worthless" think of it like this. ” Are hugs from your mother or kisses from a family member free? ” The answer is yes. . Are they worthless? Far from no.
    Music should be free because some people can not afford to buy and listen to it. If it is free on YouTube or the radio the why not make it free all the time. Artist are making enough money as it is so they can make it free and it won't affect them. I think that music should be free.
    I understand the artists don't make enough money, But can't they make money another way? I mean if they are really a good artist, They would have sold out concerts. But if they don't, They don't deserve to be an artist. Music is meant for people to enjoy, Not to punish people so that they can't buy the music they love. You know, Poor people need music too!
    Most are corrupt and in it just for the money and fame. Concerts generate lots of money and should be more often in smaller towns of fans. Most kids think downloading music is "free" so they download it and get their parents in trouble and lose access to the internet.
    , Major record labels are greedy and manipulative corporations who in most cases stifle creativity, But thats besides the point. Most artists, Even pop stars, Make most of their money off touring, So it's actually better to support artists in this way, Both because you can easily get tons of music free online and because seeing a musician live is exponentially better experience than just listening to them. Also think of all the great dead musicians! I don't mind buying an indie band's album here and there to support them, But I don't like the idea of families and record labels getting my money and not the artist.

  • Why Should Music Be Free?

    I say music should be free because. . . Some people don't have the money to keep paying for music especially folks with Iphone because folks with androids don't really need to pay for they music because they can just go on google and get they music for free but folks with iphones can't

  • Why music Should be free

    I’m sort of in that youtube life, So it's quite hard to find some good background music that I don’t get copyrighted for. And when I do, I can only use it for one video cause then I’m over using that song for another video. Then I could potentially get copyrighted for that. Even though I’m a small channel. Now i got some information from a website and it had some pretty good fair pointers. Like that More people will listen to it when It's free,
    If you own a car you would know listening to the radio is pretty smoothing. All the music on the radio is free. You don’t have to pay for any of the music on the radio, Am i wrong? No, You can switch to any that is currently playing and listen along. Another reason i think it should be free is because most people can’t afford it. They won’t be scrolling through websites trying to find music to download. If the artist really wants money, They can host a concert cause those usually sell out fast. But also modern music artist are able to swim in their money from their music, Due to all the merch, Concerts, And people listening to their song is also available to use cause they get profit off of it whenever it's used.

  • It should be free

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  • I think yes

    Now this is a story all about how
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    in west Philadelphia born and raised
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    chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
    and all shootin' some b ball outside of the school
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  • For the love of music

    Artists do make money from live shows and merchandise, but they are bi-products of the music itself. If music is free then people would not be making music for the love of music. Musicians are not the greedy ones it is you, the consumer that is greedily stealing what another person has poured there heart and soul into.

  • Current Music Needs Support.

    I know bands can make money through tours and music videos, but making music free is not fair to them. What about struggling musicians that are trying to get started without a label to produce their music? Expecting them to make their music without financial support is something they cannot consider.

  • No it should not

    Although it would be nice to have music for free it is not fair for the artists who are putting all their time and effort into creating it for us to not get compensated for their work. I mean if music were free then how will the musicians put food on their table?

  • It's harder than it looks.

    Musician invest time, blood, sweat and tears into their music. A chef or a doctor could do the same, yet they are paid for their services. Why is it a musician is expected to take it upon themselves to offer their work for free? Musicians have to pay to make their music, then pay to try to even get it heard! It's the opposite of greedy when one spends most of their free time AFTER working a day job to practice hours on end while an average person sits around watching TV or goes partying.

  • We will lose more potential artists.

    I am a musician myself and I agree that music should be produced for fun/the love of music. But getting no income from record sales would influence the starters in the music world. Besides, it's hard to generate cash flow with merchandise/show and radio-play a starting musician. That's why artists should still receive money for their albums.

  • No, music shouldn't be free.

    People seem to think that being an artist/band/musician isn't a real job. They make money from their music being sold just like food companies make money from their products being sold. Artists are no different. These people spend time and effort to produce something. On top of that, It costs money to record an album and have someone master it. To those that say that artists shouldn't be greedy and only do music because they love doing it, would you agree to being paid nothing to do your job? Making music is a job and artists should be paid because of their work just as you are paid because of your work.

  • People don't seem to understand how the music economy works

    Average people seem to think that money just falls out of the sky for musicians!!!!! No, they have to work for it just like everybody else!!! The more fans they have, the more they have to work!! Buying a musician's single or album is the best way to support them and make sure that they can continue to give us great art. Musicians can not always trust people to donate money to them!!! If you dont wanna buy music then don't but NEVER STEAL IT.

  • Music shouldn't be free

    The artists that go through the time and hard work writing and producing their own music deserve to be paid. Although people believe that they become greedy from the amount of money they make, that isn't the case. Normally they have a family to take care of and music if their job to make money. Taking that away from them is basically taking someones job that they put their whole life into making. Yes it can be very pricey to get music after awhile so it being free would be a easy answer, but if you take your pay check away because you should be doing your job for free. It's the same as taking the money away from the music business. Plus most of the money goes back to the record label, not the artist that is creating the music in the first place.

  • No way roflol

    Music isn't even expensive. I feel good knowing I own all my music. It doesn't matter if an artist is super rich. It's hilarious how people want to lessen others success. Just because an artist is rich doesn't mean they're always going to be. It's an incredibly unpredictable atmosphere. You could write a hit and then die out. Big deal 1 million people bought one ban or artists material for a dollar or ten dollars. I mean.... It's just like they're rich and I'm now giving them 99 cents or 1.29??!?! How idiotic.... If music was $1000 a song id understand, but you can get epic songs and albums that are masterpieces for pennies already... I am poor as hell but you know music is worth a lot more than 99 cents to me... So I freakin pay for it. Apparently "most artists make more off of selling t shirts".. Why not just be a t shirt sales person hahaha!!! That's hilarious.

  • Music Should NOT Be Free

    You'll go out and buy a coffee for like £2 when you can just make it at home, for free, but you wont spend that much on music, because you can download it for free. Coffee is something that only lasts a short amount of time. Whereas you can listen to music over and over, whenever and wherever you want. Yet, you'd still rather pay for a coffee and not music.

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slunky says2018-10-27T04:43:40.070
Anyone who thinks music should be free is a greedy consumer who is certainly no artist

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