Should music critics and magazines publish more (yes) or less (no) lists of best-selling albums?

  • More best-selling albums lists

    I like to see top music lists. It reminds me of songs that I have forgotten about, and gives me ideas on which songs and albums to next purchase. When you look at best-selling albums lists, you can almost always come away with a new album to buy, or are reminded of songs you love.

  • Yes they should do more.

    If I only had a choice between the two of less and more than I would say that the magazines and music critics need to publish more lists of the best selling albums. Although, I do not really have a problem with their current rate of producing the lists they do now.

  • Let the people know

    They should go ahead and publish more articles and lists that tell the best selling albums and artists of each year. This will let people who are trying to buy music know what others like, and who is doing the best in that certain year, so they get good CDs.

  • No, I think that music critics and magazines should publis less list of best-selling albums.

    No, music critics and magazines should publish less of list of best-selling albums. Most times a best-selling albums is already best selling because of current listeners of the artist as well as excessive radio play. This make the music market favor the well knows and bigger named artist and really skip over the more amazing and lest played albums. Just because an album is not a best-seller, does not mean the music is not great and that it couldn't have been. It is all about reaching the largest audience possible and magazines and music critics could help that.

  • Decreases the variety

    There are often albums that everybody considers both amazing and popular, and they are naturally attracted to the top of lists. On many occasions, however, people simply listen to music because it is popular for the sake of listening to the top of the charts, and having fewer charts might encourage people to listen to new music.

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