Should music education be required in schools? (such as band, orchestra, choir, etc)

Asked by: gamertooth17
  • I think schools should have instruments.

    I think schools should have instruments because it helps them in school to take their mind off the other things that they might worry about. It helps them to find new friends and the more friends you have the more connected with people they get. If the child is in elementary school the grade for band/orchestra gets on their report card and the middle schools look at the grade and put them in better classes if they did band/orchestra.

  • I think that at least a year should be required

    I think that you should at least be required to have a year of music education so you can see if it really interests you, if not, then you can drop it, but I think that there are a lot of kids who would be great and enjoy musical education who miss out because they don't try it.

  • Yes, it should stay.

    I think that schools should keep music because if we didn't learn music we would just sit around doing class all day. It could teach us how to have fun and enjoy life with new music and old music. They would be wrong to ban music from young kids of all ages.

  • Band gives you an education

    Im a band student and i think it should be because band is life to people who love music and band people can get a scholarship to collages also its the best way to express yourself and most students can play sports and most students can't and band gives you knowledge

  • Band is Life

    I think that band is a great way to improve your knowledge as a student, and as an overall person. It is proven that kids who are in music are smarter and have higher grade point averages. Band, choir, or orchestra are excellent ways to become a smarter person in life.

  • Yes, it should.

    I am a band student and band has been a life changing experience for me. Even though it is only for a year and maybe other students doesn't like the music education, I think it is very beneficial for the students to actually learn the background of the music pieces/instruments.

  • Yes, it should.

    Even if it's just for one school year, music education is beneficial to students. Students who are in music tend to perform better in areas of math. It is also a fact that playing a musical instrument can raise a person's IQ by ~5 points.

    I'm not saying every child has to be a protege or take music for every single year their whole life. Even if the child completely hates playing an instrument/singing, I believe it is still beneficial to at least expose the child to music performance.

  • I'm a music nut, but no.

    I play multiple instruments and love doing it, but some people don't. There are people out there with zero musical talent, and they don't want to increase upon a skill they'll never use again, and I don't blame them. I took shop classes because I knew I was a good musician who would continue playing, with or without a band class.

    In the meantime, while I played guitar at home, I learned how to use a band-saw, or how to weld, at school, then later, I learned about computer programming, while other kids traveled playing trumpet.

    You tell me which skills are more important.

  • Although, I am a Band student, they should not be required.

    Musical education should not be required because of the simple fact that other students have other wants than music. Just because you enjoy music doesn't mean you should put it in front of everyone else's face and force them to participate in it. Some students love art more than music. Some students love athletics more than music. It goes on and on. Every elective has their own benefits just like music, and it's the student's choice of what he/she should choose to attend to.

  • Still mad after 30 years

    I hate singing more now because people did not listen to Me about how much I hated it then. I was cursed to be considered one of the "talented" ones. The faculty was even more aggressive to put Me on stage than other students, even as I begged to be let out, or at least further back in the arrangement. One of My first adult choices was a refusal to ever sing in public again. I have no doubts that people like me are being made in forced music education every generation.

  • Band should not be mandatory

    It shouldn't be mandatory because what if you don't have time for it? I play other sports and don't think that we should have to play an instrument also. It is too much pressure to try and keep up my grades, play an instrument, and do band. Some kids also have to be taken out of class to go to band. It shouldn't be mandatory!!!

  • Never again will I take band!

    I used to play violin and just hated it. I started out OK but eventually I kept forgetting it. Then I started getting frustrated. Eventually I fell behind then started getting the strings mixed up. Eventually I quit. Now you know how I quit. You also know why I disagree with the idea of music being required.

  • It's to stressful and not worth the work.

    Band constantly invades my mind and distracts me. I get worried I might forget my instrument and I don't even care for band. I want be either a scientist or and author, tell me how band helps with that. Band should be a students choice, not a necessity. This goes for all music cirriculum.

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