• Music Activates all parts of the Human Brain

    Unlike many other activities, music requires you to use all parts of your brain. In addition, music allows students to say what they choose without physically saying anything. Especially in middle and high school, this is a big deal. Some musicians feel they can express themselves through their instrument or voice. This is something powerful and should never be taken away.

  • Music is Everything

    I have spent my life with music and can honestly say that it has made my life what it is. It has brought positive and reinforcement to my schooling career and to my life. I am a better person for having been a student of music and I will always support the arts.

  • Music is a great form expression

    When I was in school, music was a required credit. I've always found music in general very interesting, and think it's a great way for someone to really express themselves. While I do not think music can interest everyone, I think it's a good idea to leave in the school system.

  • Music education should definitely stay in schools.

    Because of the benefits it brings to students,music education should stay in schools.Some of the positives it brings are time management and critical reasoning.It is well worth the extra small expense it might bring to a school budget no matter how hard times might be when expenditures are planned for students.

  • Music should definitely stay in school.

    Why remove music in school when a student talents can be developed. SOme people are burn to play music and learning to develop the skills can happen in school. It takes money to find teacher when you have one in school.
    Music in school is one of the classes most kids look forward to.

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