• Music is a form of expression

    Music is a form of expression, And cuss words should be fine in music as music is a form of expression, Although I do believe that there is a line that is drawn. As someone who listens to a wide range of music, But mostly rock and a lot of heavy metal, I've definitely heard my fair share of cursing. I think it depends on the music itself.

    Is the cuss word being used to harm or hurt others?
    Is the cuss word being used in an offensive manner?
    Is the cuss word a slur?

    I think that if the answer to all these questions is no, Which is usually the instance with the song, Then cussing is more than okay.

  • Music is a form expression

    Cuss words, Which are deemed inappropriate according to common belief are the best words to express, Emphasize and amplify how you think and how you feel. Music is a platform to show how you feel. If you can send a message or if you can show how you feel in music, There should be nothing to stop you from doing it, Including the mass dislike of cuss words.

  • Let 'em express themselves

    You don't like songs with cussing? Hell! Don't listen to them and stop complaining! If the artist wishes to express themselves by cussing, They're not hurting anyone by doing it - why stop them? You decide what music you listen to and you're the one who manages what your kid listens to until you think they're old enough to decide for themselves.

  • Music should be allowed to have "cuss" words.

    Music is an artistic form of expression, And like all other mediums of expression like speech, It shouldn't be censored. I'm not advocating that all music should have "cuss" words (try telling that to a Christian rock band), But if the artist wishes to have profane language in their music, They should have free rein to do so as covered under right to free expression.

  • I don't see why it wouldn't

    There is no real reason to why it should not have curse words. The only I can think of is small children listening to music, But if they don't hear them in music then they'll hear them somewhere else, On the street for example. Curse words do really fit some songs and they are also good for showing the emotions that are supposed to be in the song.

  • Ye it should

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  • I vote no

    Because cussing is bad. And haven't yo mama taught you not to swear? Should listen to yo mama Jo some time. She can't be wrong for no reason right? Sorry, The picture just reminds me of old dark skinned grandmas for some reason. . . Probably because it looks like it came from mid 20th century

  • I'm sick of it

    I generally am against censorship, But music has gotten so filthy i think there must if not be censorship then some cultural effort to reduce the amount of degeneracy that is rotting our culture. And lets face it, The use of bad words or naked girls means you don't actually have to be creative. . Its better to be creative than dirty

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