Should music with profanity be allowed in school dances?

  • Fuck yes mufucka

    Hell mother fucking yeah it should be allowed bitch fuck you mean music is about expressing ones self. Some of these artist just tell you whats real i mean the real question is where dont you hear profanity. The world could be a crucial let the youth experience what theyre going to be exposed to sooner or later.

  • It doesnt bother anyone

    I believe music with curse words should be allowed at school dances. The real world is full of cursing; you can’t go one day without hearing them. There’s cursing in movies, T.V. shows and music. We could ban cursing from Movies, T.V. and Music, but that won’t stop anyone else from saying it. I’m not saying music with cursing should be allowed at an Elementary function but it should be allowed at a J.R High or High school event. Students in High school are old enough to be mature about cursing. Sure some songs have too many and some terrible language but a few curse words is not going to hurt anyone. In reality J.R High and High school students use very foul language. Students at school don’t censor what they say but around their parents they do. So if parents are worried about their child being exposed to cursing at a school dance and hearing they believe is bad their child shouldn’t even be going.

  • It's just music.

    It's just music. Can music hurt you? Not unless it's being played so loud that your eardrums burst.
    I don't think the words really matter in music, what matters is the drive and/or emotions behind them. Unless the kids are singing along (and not even then!) music with profanity shouldn't be banned. I personally think that vulgar humor is funny and that cuss words are fine to use. If you have kindergarteners there, then just talk to them after the fact and just say, "There were bad words in that song, don't repeat them in school," and explain what they are. If it's a middle school dance, PLAY THE MUSIC, PEOPLE! The kids are all (hopefully) older than nine, they'll most likely have been exposed to vulgar slang and/or humor. They might even find it funny—I know I do. And cuss words? Really? Again, the stun sets will probably already know them. They might even use them.

  • Do People Really Care About Lyrics?

    There isn't any problem if music with profanity is allowed in school dances. Some kids listen to music with profanity at home. The thing is that students don't exactly really mind the lyrics. They tend to listen to how the song goes. They don't really care about the lyrics, and even if they do sing it, that's because they are trying to mimic the song's tune.

  • No actual problems

    It's funny when people say that these kind of music turn the students bad. Do you actually think that if we ban these kind of stuff, the kids won't misbehave? It's just crazy! Almost every six-grader knows some! The way the school should stop these strong words is fundamentally, so I don't think such music is so effective at "turning the students bad"

  • Music with profanity should be allowed in school dances because profanity is not negative to moral character

    Profanity is in no way negative to moral character, the thing is the intent of it. If someone was to try to be derogatory to you, they could use profanity or they could not use profanity. The usage of either way doesn't change the intent or meaning. Consider the fact that if students were around it more they wouldn't see it quite as glamorous to use, and potentially boring.

  • Influential and tasteless

    After reading a few of the supporting statements, I found that they are just personal opinions. I get it, you don't give anything if words at your dance have profanity. Next thing ya know, someone who thought it'd be safe AND isn't allowed to use or listen to a large amount of cussing is gonna go to a dance, spill the beans to his parents when he starts cussing, and suddenly it'll be the school's fault. I already know that people like music with cussing. Some people find it funny, but some don't. Some people don't think it hurts you, but then again, it can. Say you just walked into the dance, expecting good times with friends, and instead just running out crying because of a song you just heard that mentally hurt you. Many 6th graders and older don't have a strong mental shield, meaning that they can be hurt by the words they hear easier than other children older or younger than them. All in all, songs with profane language can't be allowed because no matter how many people support it, more and more people are influenced to do certain life-threatening things like drugs daily to weekly.

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  • No it should not

    No it should not and I think that the mere fact of you considering it is a fine example of how stupid one could be because common sense should tell you that school is supposed to be about education and profane music usually is for adults and will more than often contain other subjects like drug use.

  • No need for profane music at dances

    Dances should be a time for all musical tastes to be represented, as long as the music is free from profanity. Many people still find profanity to be vulgar and tasteless, and a dance is not the time or place for profane music to be played when other types of music is available.

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