• We would like to see musicals

    If you are not able to go to a theater and you really want to see the musical they could make a movie with the musical and you can watch it in a movie instead of driving all the way out to the theater and use money, time, life on driving all that way

  • Yes, musicla shouls be made for television

    Yes, musical should be made for television and not the theatre. In this day and age people tend to watch television far more than they attend the theatre. For this reason, the makers of musicals should adapt them for television. This way more people can be exposed to and enjoy the musicals.

  • Multi-Media Musical Productions

    Music is for everyone regardless of taste or where it is produced and shown. Many individuals are limited by economics, transportation or schedules to attend live production of theatre musicals.
    Bringing musicals to small screen allows families to enjoy excellent entertainment from musical theatre from the comfort of their own home. It will also expand the mind and spread the musical cultures amongst all the generations.

  • No, made-for-TV musicals shouldn't replace theater musicals.

    No, musicals shouldn't be made solely for television instead of the theater. The theater is an artistic tradition that shouldn't die out because of the advent of new technologies. Musical acting on a television set, where several takes are allowed, and live acting on a theater are two different forms of acting. Therefore, theater musicals shouldn't be phased out.

  • Why not both?

    It is good when musicals like Grease are made for television as it gets another type of audience involved in the arts. We should keep it in the theaters too though, so these people who watch on TV may eventually go there. TV is okay, but watching live is a whole different experience.

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