• Yes, they should.

    One of the most disturbing things about Muslims to me is the fact that many of them do not condemn terrorism. In fact, many of those who were polled agreed with a lot of what terrorists do, and even went so far as blaming the west for terrorism. It's horrible.

  • Forget Muslims - EVERYONE should go out of their way to condemn terrorism.

    They should not be any more obligated to condemn terrorism than anyone else, but EVERYONE should condemn hurting people to achieve ends. Beliefs and religions are only acceptable as long as they are not tearing other people down. Many terrorists claim to be doing it for their belief, but belief is only okay when it isn't hurting people. Everyone should condemn people who believe in the necessity of hurting people to get what they want.

  • Muslims should condemn radical intolerance.

    Violent radical extremists are every bit as unacceptable to Muslims who follow the peaceful teachings of Allah as violent radical extremist Christians, Jews and Atheists are to the world community. All people who believe in tolerance and keeping the peace need to condemn and resist people who persist in initiating violence to try to force others to follow their radical beliefs.

  • That's a ridiculous expectation.

    Some people are getting confused about this question. It's not about if Muslim Americans SHOULD condemn terrorism, but if Muslim Americans should GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to condemn it. Muslim Americans should condemn terrorism, but they shouldn't have to go out of their way to do so. Should Christians go out of their way to condemn a killing committed by a Christian? Should black people go out of their way to condemn a robbery committed by a black person? Should a red-headed woman go out of her way to condemn spousal abuse committed by another red-headed woman? Should people who own paper towels condemn crimes committed by a man who owns paper towels?

  • This is getting ridiculous

    Once people become an American, they do not necessarily drop ties with their entire culture and assimilate. However, that does not mean they accept all the aspects of their culture, especially the radical stuff. We never force German-Americans to apologize for Hitler and the Nazis. We never make white Protestants apologize for the KKK, a Fundamentalist-based domestic terrorism group. Why should Muslim Americans have to go the extra mile to dissociate themselves from radicals which, by definition, are separate from the general norm?

  • No, it shouldn't make a difference.

    No, Muslim Americans should not go out of their way to condemn terrorism. They should be treated just like everyone else and shouldn't have to go the extra mile to prove themselves. I think that it would even have a backward effect and make people more suspicious about Muslim Americans.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Muslim Americans should feel obligated to go out of their way to condemn terrorism. As any American is, these people are busy and have to answer to daily struggles and problems. No different than anyone else here. We shouldn't expect these people to take the time, day in and day out, to speak against terrorism. Let us assume they are just like us, they don't want to be blown up by a terrorist anymore than you do.

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