• It happened in my country

    And everything is still completely fine. There is problematic behavior in every culture. Also, the chance of any of them being a terrorist is equal to, and maybe even smaller than the chance a western person is. You are letting your fear of the unknown get the best of you, so please take it from me.

  • Yes, integration results in shared values

    Integration is an important aspect in the building of strong and cohesive societies, and one is not required to give up one's faith or customs in order to integrate. When a society or culture is not integrated, it can lead to inequality. The same would be true for a member of the Christian faith integrating into a Muslim society.

  • Muslims Should be Free to Integrate

    Muslim immigrants have the right to integrate or assimilate themselves into the society of the United States just as much as any other person of any religion. Muslim immigrants are not a major threat to the safety and security of U.S. Citizens. For the most part, Muslim immigrants are valuable, contributing additions to our country.

  • Muslim immigrants should be able to integrate into our society

    Muslim immigrants should be able to integrate into our society because our country was founded on the idea of religious freedom. Muslims should have the same right as those freeing religious persecution in England in the 1700s. By allowing Muslims to integrate into our society, we are affording them the same rights we fought for in the American Revolution. Also, the less we fight against it the more likely we are to see the similarities between ourselves and Muslims rather than the differences.

  • Everyone integrates into American society in one form or another

    Muslims are already integrated into our society. They speak English, work alongside all of us, eat mostly the same foods, and send their kids to public school like everybody else. They still retain remnants of their faith and there's nothing wrong with that. All immigrants retain some of their culture, so in essence they are just like the rest of us.

  • They shouldn't be allowed in Western Nations

    Islam is most definitely incompatible with even the most simple of Western values. Muslim men are like ticking testosterone time bombs. Muslims coming from the middle East aren't used to seeing beautiful European women in tight dresses. They are like animals. It's funny how feminists and leftists, the most vocal supporters of women's and gay rights. Are for Muslim migration! It's mind boggling considering both of those things are the complete opposite of Islam's beliefs.

  • No they shouldn't

    The culture of Islam is evil, sexist, and condones everything condemned in the bible, we cannot have such a culture mx with ours, so we should only allow them in if they rejectvtheir original satanic faith of Islam, undergo psychological analysis to ensure they know right and wrong, and they are under monitoring, unknowingly, for about 5 years, their kids must be taught freedom, and equality in schools to ensure that their sick culture does not infect our, also sick culture, well, so that it doesn't make matters worse.

  • Not without background checks.

    This would apply not only to Muslims but anyone from the war torn region as you can't rule out a terrorist just because they claim to be something other than Muslim.
    By allowing people into this country without thorough background checks is to invite terrorist into our country. The news is full of examples of how this has gone terribly wrong.
    One thing people have done is to use refugee camps. They are not the best places to be because it limits their movement but that is not without reason and would be a lot better than being in the middle of a war.
    I suggest an even better idea. If the leaders of a nation feel their citizens may be in danger because of an approaching war, they should execute mandatory evacuations to all those who are not willing to participate. If they have a safe region within their borders, they can create their own refugee camps so more compatible with the people. If there is no safe area, then they could look towards allies to create refugee camps that are kept separate from the rest of the nation. By keeping them separate, you eliminate the risk to the citizens of the host country yet keep the refugees safe from the war. Of course, while in the refugee camps, they can apply for citizenship to that or other countries. Once the background checks are done, a limited amount of people may be allowed visas and eventually citizenship. I feel this would be the best solution. After all, one of the biggest problems people have with wars is the innocent lives lost. If we eliminate the non-combative people, the soldiers can perform their jobs without risking innocent lives making the whole war process much more efficient. If you compare war with a wildfire, we evacuate areas so that innocent people are in danger and so that the firefighters can do their jobs without risking lives in the process.

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