• Muslim countries must 'take lead in counterterrorism'

    Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal stated that "It's no secret, unfortunately, that in our world today the majority of terrorism-related acts, its victims are Muslim," he said. "Therefore, it is our responsibility as Muslim countries to play the primary role in fighting this disease that has impacted us all." It is imperative that more if not all Muslim countries take a more active role in fighting against extremists groups and their members if for no other reason than to show the world that even though they share the same religion, they do not share the same viewpoints or ideology.

  • Muslim nations should take lead.

    Muslims are always having to fight and prove that, rightly, they are not all terrorists. In order to help remove the stigma, it would be beneficial to have Muslim nations help take the lead I counterterrorism. What better way to prove you do not support something than to help lead the fight against it?

  • Muslim nations must lead

    Although it is unfair and a bigoted view to say that Muslims are responsible for terrorist acts it is nevertheless true that these acts are, erroneously, being committed in their name. It is therefore important, for matters of wider perception if nothing else, that they be seen to take a lead in tackling these groups.

  • the religion of peace

    Muslims claim constantly that their religion is the religion of peace but it seems all the extremely violent crimes are committed by them, if Muslim countries wanted to be taken seriously about being a peaceful religion then they should fight the very people who give them a bad image period.

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