• Muslims are also human beings.

    Regardless of religion or race, Human beings should have access to the same rights. Also, Being a terrorist is not reserved just for people from the middle east. Anyone can be a terrorist. There are and have been plenty of white, American terrorists. Does that then mean that we should ban all white people from using airports?

  • Banning muslins from airports is unconstitutional

    The 14th amendment to the United States constitution bans discrimination on the basis of race color or religion it is unconstitutional to ban muslins from airports would violate the 14th amendment constitutional rights of people who practice the islomic religion it’s unconstitutional and the idea should not even be toyed with

  • Stereotypes against a religion are not enough reasoning

    Consider this question: would you deny Muslim friends from entering your home even if they were really good people? If you owned a restaurant, Would you only not allow Muslims to enter? I bet most people would say no, That is ridiculous. By this logic, We should ask everyone on the street what religion they are and then single out Muslims and alienate them from society. Which in fact, This very thing is against our code of law which prohibits discrimination based on religion. Our code of law also states that people are innocent until proven guilty and that there must be probable cause for any accusation, Which religion alone is not. The vast majority of Muslims are peaceful, Law-abiding citizens and only the few extremist groups give them a bad rap.

  • Muslims should not be allowed to enter airports

    Think of the risk, Like you see this dude, Checks all the muslim checkboxes, Which in fact are exact similar to TERRORIST CHECKBOXES! 11! 11!

    So why risk it at all? Lets just ban them from the airport from the get-go, They can't enter, They can't harm. See! Simple

    If yuo think I'm wrong, Then you also believe that woman should have rights.

  • No. Muslims should not be allowed to exist.

    They are the cockroaches of the human race, The most hated religion on earth and rightfully so. They are living in the stone age and worshipping a disgusting child f**ker. And they try to justify it. I look at them with absolute hate when see them. Thankfully, In Wyoming, We don't have many of these insects.

  • No Muslims = No jihads

    Take a look at Sweden, They're started taking in Muslims, Now boom their 1# highest rate of rape in the world. That why to ban Muslims. Plus no Allah akbar and no dead gays. So ban is very big win. With Muslims there be dead gays and boomies in the street.

  • The last time a Muslim flied two towers died

    Do we really want to make this same mistake again? We cannot let them subvert our Christian country with Islam. They have backwards morals in the Middle East which is why they are dirt poor and blow each other up. For the safety of our nation don’t let Muslims fly.

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