• They wont adapt to live in our communities

    If they dont put the contry they are in first and their religion second then they have that right; but only if they go back home. They do not have that right in our country. Its our law here.
    If they are so unhappy they should all go home, leave us a lone and we avoid them.

  • Send them all back.

    Sick and tired of all the attacks on innocent citizens.Muslims do not assimilate into the countries they go to they condemn anybody who does not believe their beliefs and are very intolerant.Very few come out and speak against atrocities against innocent citizens.Like one said earlier if they hate Western country so much why did they come here send them home for all I care. I'm done with them.

  • Muslims Threaten Peace

    If one were to study the terrorist reports in any newspaper ever, they would see that almost every case of terrorism committed are by Muslims. If they were to be stuck in the Middle East, they would be unable to harm the rest of the population of the world. Jihads are the number one threat world peace. Anyway, the Muslims want to be near Mecca. Why not let them all go and stay?

  • Why do our governments insist on ignoring us?

    Our governments have failed us, they have invited these Muslim immigrants to OUR country, without considering OUR feelings. In the seventies, when Ugandan Muslim migrants arrived in the UK, some were interviewed as they left the aircraft and I will always remember one of them saying “the problem with Britain was that it was not Muslim”. Even as a young child, I found that statement to be very offensive. Now we are paying the price, for what can only be described as a crime against the citizens of the UK.
    I am not racist and I am not intolerant of other religions, my wife is from SE Asia and a Buddihst. I am (along with a huge majority of true UK citizens) intolerant of the immigrants, who do not want to integrate, dislike our culture and insist on creating an alien culture that clashes with our traditions.
    In the 60’s and 70’s, our ignorant governments were warned that their immigration policies would create problems, they scoffed at it. Since then, every single government has blatantly refused to accept that their policies on this subject are wrong. What gives any government the right to inflict this invasion upon us. Why do we have to change, our culture and traditions to appease a none native religious group, because something in our culture offends them? Other religions don’t do this. There is a very old proverb “when in Rome do as the Romans do”, these proverbs have existed for centuries, born from common sense and respect.
    This problem cannot be ignored, it is not only in the UK, it all over the world. Nearly all recent major conflicts and acts of genocide have involved Muslims, Why? They cannot even live with each other. Why are some of them hell bent on enforcing their beliefs on others? Why can’t they live peacefully and accept other cultures and religions? Why do we have to put up with this unacceptable behaviour on our own doorsteps? We do not have to, no government has the right to inflict this conflict on their citizens.
    What will our pathetic government do? They will do the opposite of what is required, they will ignore the voices of the majority. And when it all falls apart – and it will, they will blame everyone but themselves and persecute the very people who they should have listened to.
    A war is coming, because Muslim extremists are bringing it. In Northern Ireland the conflict there was aggravated by politicians, it was stopped by the people who live there. Are we going to see a repeat, I think we are, only this time it will be on a much bigger scale.

  • Attacks on home soil.

    I was kind of on the fence about this, but since the extremists have started attacking and threatening the west on OUR OWN SOIL, something has to be done. Sure their not all bad, but what happens when an oil field gets set on fire or another mass shooting happens? Were gonna feel pretty damn stupid, I can guarantee that.

  • Send them as soldiers of America

    This will difinitely make them leave America on their own. They should be deported to SIRIYA and should be asked to enlighten the jihadists about the meaning of jihad in Quran, if its any different. Think on the bright side if they succeed they will be heroes else they will be martyrs of America. They are very intelligent in using words such as secularism etc, pls... It is like a butcher talking about animal rights and continuing butchery.

  • We have let the enemy get too comfortable

    These people believe in a religion that more or less tells them anyone not a part of Islam is the enemy. They are brought up to have hatred towards such people.
    We are so concerned with not "offending" anybody that we have overlooked the fact that they are now asking us to change OUR traditions. We can't pray in our schools, we can't say merry Christmas, we have to change uniforms and dress codes...Why?! They are the visitors. If we went to the middle east would they give a rats ass of they offended us?
    Why are we bending over and allowing this to happen.
    They are multiplying in record numbers, taking over jobs, businesses, schools...When is enough enough?!

    Do they deserve to die? No...Hell no...We don't need another holocaust. But we need to send them home, because our home feels less and less like home every day!

  • Muslims are intolerant, and therefore should not be tolerated.

    Muslims seem like they are disturbed that anyone would be hesitant about having them in their country and yet what are any of these millions of Muslims living in Western countries doing for reciprocation to make it easier for non-Muslims to live in Muslim countries? Don't you people still have two cities with the death penalty for any infidel who steps foot in them?

    Basically, how do you Muslims feel about being blatant and unapologetic two faced hypocrites?

    Feel free to answer that question if you like and in the meantime I will give you my answer. It is your religion. Muslims never change to accommodate others but you insist everyone else change to accommodate you. The final "peace" of Islam is when the whole world is Islamic so you will never leave others be because you want "peace" on Earth and the only way to do that according to Islam is to convert the whole world.

    Of course we can see the absurdity in that notion by looking at so many Muslim countries where all you have is Muslims killing Muslims. When the whole world is Muslim, it will look like Syria and Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan and Pakistan, all the time, everywhere.

    If you want to prove me wrong do not try it with words. You can prove it with one action. Open up Mecca to non-Muslims. Then I will believe you are serious about tolerance.

    And if you are not, why should anyone tolerate your presence in their cities and countries any more than Muslims tolerate the presence of the infidel in theirs? Rhetorical question again. Answer: We shouldn't.

    The problem is Islam isn't a race or a religion in the common sense of the word. It is a sociopathic cult from the 6th century with imperialist and totalitarian tendencies. Have no doubt, their beloved Mohammed was a sociopath pedophile, who personally beheaded upward of 100's of people and consummated a marriage with child. There is NO WAY such a person could be the messenger of peace.

    Muslim dominant countries show a Zero-Tolerance policy for any other religion, many on penalty of death. Muslims who immigrate to other countries demonstrate little tolerance and respect for the countries/cultures to which they immigrate. That should pretty much tell you everything any reasonable person should understand about Muslims.

    When they demonstrate such disdain for the countries to which they immigrate (failing to assimilate, failing to learn the language, committing crimes at a disproportionate rate, trying to insist on instituting their own Sharia law to supplant that of the countries', etc.), any reasonable person should be asking themselves - why did they immigrate there in the first place? First is to suck off the welfare teet. Secondly to expand and eventually hope to overtake.

  • Islam cannot integrate

    Muslims forfeit their right to live in another country if they cannot adopt the policies of that country or if they destabilise the community they live in by horrific violence and blatant disregard for life. Islam forces societies to be inclusive of their values under the guise of religious tolerance and democracy. The writing is on the wall. Let them sort out their own affairs in their own country where islam is practiced.

  • Send ALL Muslims out of America and back to their native country NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Very simple, if we are stupid enough to believe the lies of any one person who's heritage or culture has announced the extermination of all Americans, and I mean "TRUE AMERICANS... White, Black and Hispanic", that THEY would NEVER do anything like that, then you just may be too stupid to breathe as they are just waiting for the bell to ring and I sure hope, as a country, we are smarter than that...

    We have allowed their culture to infiltrate our country to the point that they can attack us from anywhere, anytime and if something is not done immediately to get them ALL, YES ALL, out of America, then it is only a matter of time until the American leaders wish they had as it will be us, black/white/hispanics, me and my family included as I am a red blooded born and bred white American, that will be the ones that pay a very dear price...

    As for those members or supporters of ISIS that have sent the messages, "We are here... Etc...", letting Americans know that they are already in our country and ready to strike, we have news for you, "We are not those you have hunted and slaughtered and while you will get some of us, you must know one thing, while I cannot speak for ALL of America, I believe I can speak for most of us that live in the great state of Texas, if you think you will come here to behead us, you have brought your knife to a severe gun fight as most of us not only have MANY guns, we carry them with us and I can promise you one thing, until our leaders remove you from our country, WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU AND WE WILL BE READY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    It is my prayer that we Americans and my request to ALL Black - White - Hispanic TRUE Americans, that WE stop fighting among ourselves and come together as ONE and let's fight together to get our leaders to send ALL Muslims back where they came from...


  • This is just so racist

    The fact that this is even a topic up for debate kills me. How inhumane have we gotten to treat people who have been oppressed for decades on end like animals. What so the resolution is putting millions of people into a tiny area of space?
    Why are people now saying "Muslims" as a negative thing? So because the US government created a plan (9/11) and everyone believed it and blamed a religion for it? I'm sorry but i don't see people blaming Germans and saying that they're such murderers and horrible people, and i'm glad they're not. Because really, if someone does something in the name of a religion or race, wouldn't it be a little uneducated to blame the whole race for it? That's what's happening now. There are idiots out there may i just state, but that's always going to happen.
    When you turn on the news and a shooting happens, and it's not a Muslim, they don't even MENTION his/her religion. Why? Because everyone is just so stuck on it being a Muslim and if it's not they don't really care. This is reality and it really is sad.
    This topic has been put up by an uneducated person may i just say, that hasn't thought a little bit about human rights. I'd say don't even waste your time on trying to educate the ignorant, they're happy to believe everything the corrupt news tells them, as they spit lies at them.

  • That violates the constitution and the principles of this country

    This country is supposed to be a free country that accepts everyone. You can't categorize the billion plus muslims based on the actions of a few. Sure, there are a few bad eggs with fanatical ideas, but most are just like anyone else, they watch football and are parents and grandparents. This same thing happens time and time again, with the Japanese during the world war and now muslims. Let me ask you this, remember how everyone was all scared and hated the Japanese during the world war, and now they realize that they were wrong and it was just the actions of a few? Same thing here. Please stop stereotyping people, and don't judge a huge group of people from a few crazies

  • Most of the Muslims who are dangerous are in the Middle East.

    Most of the Muslims who are dangerous are in the Middle East. Sending American Muslims back would do nothing. Most of the terrorists who harm America are not from America. The terrorists in 9/11 were not from America. There terrorists in the Boston Bombing were not from America.

    In America, there are no beheadings and kidnappings from Muslims. This is just in the Middle East, and that is not religion, that is tradition, or something they made up. Muslim in America are like any other. They work, go to school, go to social events, etc. So why is it that it is their fault if other people are doing the wrong things?

    Another point I want to address is that there are MANY Muslims here who can speak the language, do not need welfare, and live peacefully among other diverse groups of people. So why should they be sent away? They didn't do anything.

    Many people make it sounds like a crime for being Muslim.

  • That is complete Idiocy

    Why should muslims be sent to the middle east. First of all 50% of muslims (The precentage is just an estimate) cant even go to the middle east due to the fact that their not citizens of the middle east. Second of all, when did muslims ever threaten peace, Im not even a muslim but your arguement is absurd. I live in Canada, and I live in an extremely multicultural society. Specifically in the GTA. I have never seen any muslim in person or on the news, disturb society in a violet way.

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists.

    While it is true that the most notable terrorist organization today (Al Qaeda) is made up of radical Muslims, the majority of Muslims outside of the Middle East are not involved in any terrorist organizations and do not hold radical/fundamentalist beliefs. If you read over the Islamic scriptures and the scriptures followed by Christians, there is almost no difference in terms of the amount of violence and bigotry encouraged by God. For instance, in the Hebrew Scriptures, God specifically instructs his/her followers to murder non-believers and people who disobey even the most ridiculous petty "crimes" (http://www.Evilbible.Com/Murder.Htm). As you can see, the two religions are founded on an equally evil book.
    Not only would sending every Muslim to the Middle East be a huge violation of their rights and an abuse of power by the state, it is also wrong in assuming that every Muslim is from the Middle East (as said by SoldierforAllah), and that every Muslim is a radical fundamentalist.

  • The question is based off a false premise.

    The premise of the question presupposes that all Muslims, or a significant majority, are from the Middle-East. Fewer than 15 percent of Muslims worldwide are Arabs. It is estimated that there are about six million Muslims in the United States. Among this six million are Muslims who were born and raised here, including African American Muslims, and others who migrated here from cultures around the globe. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States.

  • No. A Holocaust again.

    Well, two of the Holocaust I know of were the Jew Holocaust in Germany and the Japanese Holocaust in America.

    To start another tragedy just because America's enemy just happen to be some Muslims, will just show how insecure this great power America feels. No group of Muslims within the US can toppled the country, no group of any one race can destroy America, because America's pride is it's diverse ethnic backgrounds.

  • Some people have no humanity.

    Just because one is Muslim doesn't mean they are bad,a man went and threatend a mosque with innocent children and was released within a few days, but if a Muslim man did that then he would be arrested. Why?! Why are some of you asking Muslims to get out or change religion, do you not have any humanity?! Some of you guys are saying cruel things towards the religion of Islam.

  • Muslims are not terrorists

    This made me so angry. Especially because of all the people who said they should go "back" to the middle east. If they have a citizenship in America they are Americans, doesn't matter what they practice. Go back where? Most aren't even from there. They were born in America. And if they were all terrorists (they are NOT) you would want to sacrifice another countries peace? Terrorists practice a whole different set of beliefs. Terrorists are not Muslim. I know a lot of Muslims and they are not terrorists. Sure, some are not nice, but you will find jerks in any religion. You cant push all the blame on one religion when the people of that religion didn't do anything, and they probably hate terrorists as much as you do. People are scared of them because they don't know enough about them. Not to mention its racist and "shipping them back" would be unconstitutional because in America you can practice any religion you want to. Yes, some terrorists consider themselves muslims, DOESNT make all muslims terrorists.

    Posted by: D.14
  • America was built apon diversity and freedom

    The United States of America is a place where anyone on this land is guaranteed religious freedom from government prosecution. What makes America great is its diversity and integration with multiple cultures. I am part of the American Muslim community and am proud to be a citizen of a country as great as this. I have never been in a country more accepting of different cultures than the United States. The Middle Eastern community here is thriving and unfortunately a vocal minority is ruining the reputation for the silent majority. We Muslims support American ideals, we don't want to convert all of America, don't want to "spread sharia law" as fox likes to claim, and don't chant "death to America". I was born and raised in the United States and this is my home. This is more my home than where I'm originally from. I was in poverty and was given a decent wage and financial aid to get a bachelors in mechanical engineering. No country in the world would give me this much. God Bless America and may we forever grow and prosper as a nation under God.

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