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  • It's not a matter of legality - it's religion.

    When posed this argument, it s puzzling, since almost every religion contains *something* that any other group may disagree with; it's a nonsensical question. Should we make Catholics believe that sex before marriage is legal? It goes both ways, and I don't think it makes sense to try and legalize or apply the concept of law to someone's religious beliefs.

  • Muslims should not believe in the illegality of homosexuality

    Many religions do not support homosexuality, and indeed they often view it as illegal - something to be banned and controlled. This attitude also extends to the Muslim faith, but I don't believe that it should. No religion should believe in the activity of preventing someone from loving the person they love.

  • No, Muslims should not believe homosexuality should be illegal.

    Muslims have the right to believe that homosexuality is wrong. Everyone is entitled to his own personal opinion. However, one cannot demand that something be made illegal just because he disagrees with the lifestyle, as long as the lifestyle is not hurting others. Homosexuality does not hurt others. Therefore, Muslims should not believe that it should be made illegal.

  • No, I sympathise with people's rights to speak out against acts they find abhorrent in the name of free speech- but I don't agree with society having the right to tell people what to do.

    The fundamental problem with the Muslim world is that far far too many are totally brainwashed by that violent religion. I think that criticizing the sexuality of others is evidence of obscene, unnatural genital guilt. Are you religious? Do you strictly police your own sexual desires to comply with your religious morality? And why do find it necessary to interfere in the sexual practices of others?

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