• My answer varies

    I am not supporting that all Muslims should stop fasting as it is up to them I am saying that at certain times certain people should not fast or be allowed a reprieve.

    Ok here's an example. My mother works at a school with nursery children and this year ramadan fell in the middle of the heat wave. All the children were given plenty of fluid so they didn't dehydrate but the children which are muslims were fasting at the time. This is dangerous and could result in the poor child going on a drip or in a worse case dying of heat stroke.
    Any child or adult of any age should not be denied water for any reason especially in a heat wave. There have been cases where children that aren't muslims have been denied water by schools because they don't want to upset the children who are partaking in Ramadan, this is unfair to the other children.

    So that's my view, children at least should be allowed water on hot days

  • Oh stop it already!

    Islam was founded by a seventh century pedophile, if god doesn't mind you following him, I doubt he would mind you eating during daylight on a particular portion of the lunar calendar. Aw heck, just go ahead and put bacon on that cheeseburger. If god is cool with your prophet having sex with a nine year old when he was fifty-four. I doubt he is sending you to hell for eating the other white meat.

  • It dumb, and bad for health.

    Studies show that Muslims gain an upwards of 5 to 7 kilos during Ramadan season. I also think the idea of not drinking water for 16 hours straight is good for the organs. Don't torture yourself for no reason. Also you can make fun of other muslims, because they are pointlessly torturing themselves. In the comments below, let me know if you agree about this solution.

  • This is Lunatic!

    Firstly Islam is not the first religion to tell people to fast ...

    Qunan says : O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint(2:183)

    And there have been several Medical Researches over its benefits Please read them it may open your mind!

  • Fasting is really bad for the brain

    One of the things that happens during fasting is belligerence. Islamic people are perfectly happy to have people express really serious anger during Ramadan - forgetting that we live in a modern world, not in a village.
    In villages, people can just beat up whoever is littler and watch them cry and the other people will just rock and chant and put up with it. The unfueling of the brain is one thing. The tolerance of irrational anger is another

  • I sincerely hope

    That no one is saying yes to this. It is horribly offensive to say so, and it doesn't hurt or affect you. I do find it quite fascinating how the Muslim religion continues with a non-correcting lunar calendar, even after Judaism changed their to match the solar calendar. I don't have a problem with that, I just never know when Muslim holidays come up because of that, and I do find calendars interesting.

  • Its not hurting anyone...

    There's nothing wrong with a good fast now and then. In fact fasting is opted for by many healthy people to cleanse the colon... This leads to better liver function and less parasites etc. Apparently a vast proportion of illnesses are related to colon health and 50% of Americans have a parasite of one kind or another - i'm sure you know how many different kinds there are!

  • No, they should be free to worship as they please,

    No, they should be free to worship as they please, No, they should be free to worship as they please. No, they should be free to worship as they please. No, they should be free to worship as they please, No, they should be free to worship as they please.

  • It's part of their religion.

    Telling a Muslim to stop fasting during Ramadan would be comparable to telling a Christian to not celebrate Christmas. It's engrained into their culture. It's been there for centuries. It's part of their way of life. What gives outsiders the right to dictate what believers of another faith should or should not do? Forget the negative impacts that fasting has on their physical health if it means respecting their faith. All beliefs are deserving of respect, as they are all unique in their own ways.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T21:04:19.640
I am the one who made this debate and I am kind of neutral. I am not Muslim but I do know that a lot of Muslims in the Middle East get digestive problems and have problems sleeping because they fast during Ramadan.
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-29T21:36:23.630
I don't mean to be rude to any Muslims. I hope I'm not insulting anyone! :(