Should my country help other countries in need?

Asked by: TsungTa
  • 我 同 意 在 我 們 的 能 力 之 下 幫 忙

    每 個 國 家 擁 有 的 都 不 同。如 果 大 家 都 願 意 用 自 己 有 的 能 力 與 資 源 去 幫 助、 分 享、合 作,達 到 全 贏 的 目 標。受 惠 的 不 只 是 別 人,還 有 自 己 ,甚 至 是 我 們 的 下 一 代 及 下 下 一 代 ,永 續 不 息。

  • 幫 助 不應該以地區做區分

    我 們 幫 助 其 他 國 家 不 代 表 我 們 不 會 幫 助 自 己 的 國 家,反 過 來說,如 果 我 們 不 應 該 幫 助 其 他 國 家 的 人,那 當 我 們 有 需 要 的 時候 誰 來 幫 助 我 們 ?幫 助 應 該 有 「 緩 急 」 的 差別 , 但 不 應 該 以 地 區 作 為區 分。

  • Pay it forward

    In the movie "Pay It Forward", Which I loved very much, Stated an important idea that we can all do something to help others even for strangers. Therefore, My country has endeavored in crops and agricultural development, Which is a great resource for improving food production in other counties and for sharing the success.

  • 互助 的 精神

    當 我 們 需 要 幫 助 時 , 不 論 幫 助 我 們 的 是 本 國 人或 外 國 人 , 都 會 覺 得 非 常 溫 暖 及 感 激 。 所 以 當 有 人 願 意 去 做 好 事 時 , 不 應 該 去 分 國 內 外 。

  • All men are equal

    We share the same earth. We are all apart of a global citizen. No matter the race, Human have their right to be respected. Our job is not to save everyone, But to improve the quality of live, And by providing for the poor and the needy we can improve the quality of live and relieve the stress of our own problem

  • Foreign Aid = Investment opportunities

    Foreign Aid means a massive boost to health. From there you can make safe investments in a company because they'll have people who want to buy their stuff. If investment means a percentage flow of income into our country with the citizenry sitting on their thumbs, Then we could be making way more money than we are giving for a much longer period of time via taxation

  • The poor are always with us

    There's no simple way to end poverty. It is a long term change of a country's culture and economy. You can't simply "do" or "give" something to make poverty in this or any country go away. But to put all your time and resources in order to create a poverty free country (like maybe switzerland or kuwait) and ignore suffering in other countries is a bit off. It's like if your neighbor's house burns down and you say, "sorry, Love to help out, But all my money is going into fireproofing my house. " A country without poverty is like a super country, It has a special history and economy, It's not because they kept the money they would otherwise send overseas for charity.

  • If it is cost effective

    If God lays a certain legitimate cause on your heart to help abroad and it is cost efficient when compared to help those in your own country, Then I don't see why not. Of course, Research should be done and the way that you help should have lasting effects in some way.

  • Not if our country is in need too.

    Just because somewhere else has it worse doesn't mean we don't have our own problems to take care of.

    I live in Canada, And we have a serious problem with homelessness as well as the treatment of our Indigenous population, As well as an illegal immigration problem thanks to the Liberal government.

    We cannot afford to start giving our resources to other countries and taking in people from other countries if we can't help everyone from our own.

  • Survival of the fittest

    If you can't survive on your own than you should die to be honest. That's how nature works. We are struggling to support ourselves, Why should we be obligated to help others? I'm tired of political correctness and socialism, Socialism isn't in anyway moral. The people aren't thankful anyways. They simply demand more more more. We get nothing out of it.

  • 量 力 而 為

    要 幫 助 別 人 或 其 他 國 家 之 前 , 需 考 量 自 己 / 國 家 的 能 力 , 若 自 己 / 國 家 存 在 問 題 無 法 解 決 , 卻 執 意 幫 忙 他 人 或 其 他 國 家 , 本 末 倒 置 。

  • 泥 菩 薩 過 江?

    世 界 上 需 要 被 幫 助 的 人 都 一 樣 , 內 心 的 急 迫 性 或 是 獲 得 幫 助 的 幸 福 感 。 舉 例 來 說 ,偏 鄉 服 務 與 國 外 救 援 隊 都 是 要 幫 助 資 源 不 足 或 是 貧 窮 的 人 。

  • 優 先 次 序

    事 有 優 先 次 序 。 我 們 該 思 考 的 問 題,不 是 要 不 要 幫 助 全 球 的 人 ,而 是 為 什 麼 我 們 優 先關 注 國 外 的 需 求 , 而 非 看 到 自 己 國 家 的需 求 。 在「 服 務 」 背 後 , 我 們 是 不 是 藏 著 「出 國 服 務 更 有 意 義、 更 好 玩 、 更 厲 害」 的 心 態 。

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