• Yes I absolutely think so

    You're not gay, therefore you don't deserve as much recognition as the rest of us. You call people gay, elevating them to a higher plane of existence when they actually aren't. You blaspheme the name of gays. Stop being such a bully to everyone, because you're stupid. I rest my case.

  • Do you even really care?

    After examining your previous comments on different topics, I can see why this question was asked. You are crass and rude, ignoring the logical arguments presented by those around you. Most of the things you say are ill-informed, with malicious intent. In addition, you seem to enjoy spreading derogatory stereotypes about all different kinds of people, and enjoy parodying cultures and values. You say things intending to insult and seem to be trying specifically to make people angry. Yes, your opinions and posts should be removed. You are not serious about what goes on here, nor should you be allowed to continue.

  • How about yes?

    First off, you have no forum posts or debates, so we wouldn't miss you slime your way under the door. Second of all, We don't need opinionated idiots who weasel out of true intellectual exercise by hiding in a highly dense section. And finally, we moderate for a reason. We want this site to be available for all people, and bad conduct might censor this site from people who need a place to discuss things for assignments: (In other words, school stuff). Your ilk do not serve any positive purpose.

  • No no no

    No no no. What happened to free speech? I should be able to post my opinions! It's my First Amendment right!!!! Gay people can post their crap. Islamic ppl can post their stuff. Dummies can post their stuff! I should be able to post whatever I want free of moderation. Moderation equals regulation!!!! No regulation!

  • That basically cancels out the purpose of the debate.

    Even if your opinions are bad, heck even if they are Neo Nazi. The purpose of this website is to be opinionative but with logic and respect. Unless you just insult the other person the whole way.

    By having your opinions removed you're basically canceling the purpose of a debate. The purpose of a debate is to display your arguments and give reason to them not hide them just because its frowned upon by the majority.

  • What would be the point of making an account in the first place?

    It is in the 1st amendment that we have the freedom of speech, but we do have to hold responsibility to the right. The main point -and beauty- of this website is to be able to express ourselves, but it depends how we use it, so, i will say no. Don't let people tell you that your opinions don't matter, but if you are causing a serious problems, but that is highly rare.

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