• Yes, because they are unworthy.

    Your opinions are unworthy. Your account is unworthy. You are unworthy. Face the truth that you are a pathetic loser - the same as everyone else in this pathetic world... Just like me. Opinions don't matter because free speech doesn't exist. OPEN YOUR EYES SHEEPLE. STOP THE OPPRESSION. STOP THE LIES.

  • Why should they?

    Whether or not your opinions are agreed with or not is not the factor which qualifies your opinions. What does qualify them is that we are endowed the freedom of expression regardless of your race, creed, nationality, sexual preference, employment status, financial class, or religion. I am a Christian, and have had many inform me of their displeasure regarding my freedom to express or hold an opinion. This does not dissuade me from acknowledging that person's right to disagree with my views. I welcome such differences. Such deference to my views keeps me from becoming too easily persuaded of myself or my own views. Such is yet a great use for an objective forum such as this site is. Take criticisms with a grain of salt, and learn to discern the useful from the unhelpful.

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