Should my tax dollars go to arrest women and their doctors for abortions?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Abortion should be illegal.

    Because abortion is murder, those involved are murderers (if you disagree, I'll be glad to debate you). If abortionists were arrested right now though, it would cause even more legal confusion. I believe that all murders should be punished, and the law states so. The reason that most don't see the inconsistency in legalized abortion, is that they don't consider babies humans until they've been born, and sometimes later.

  • Abortion is good for the economy!

    The only kind of crime that I care about stopping is the kind that has an effect on me. If you got murdered and I do not know you, all I care about is the impact the loss of your productivity would have on my quality of life. Why should I care about, or pay taxes for, the regulation of the emotional states of people whom I do not know?

    Is abortion immoral? That is not the question. Should I be forced to pay money to stop it? Only if it has a negative impact on me.... And the truth is quite the opposite!

    The sharp decline in violent crime in the 1990's is attributed to the legalization of abortion twenty years earlier. Most violent crime is committed by people who are in their twenties but those aborted fetuses did not grow up in poverty, with the knowledge they were unwanted, to become angry and violent twenty year old in the 90's. With every baby who gets aborted, our cities actually become safer.

    Not only should my tax dollars NOT be used to prevent abortions from taking place, they would be better used to ENCOURAGE people to have abortions.

  • No no no

    Abortions are legal. Why would they be arrested? I think the people who are defying a law should be arrested. Isn't that what laws are for? To make sure people who are breaking the law or blocking the people who are following the law going about their business. People have gotten way to intrusive into the lives of others. Follow the laws-arrest the law breakers.

  • Abortion is her choice

    The option of abortion belongs to the carrier. We don't know her story and why she wants an abortion, but until that fetus can feel pain (which is about 23 weeks), I say that abortion should stay legal (and really shouldn't use our tax dollars.) The fetus is dependent on the mother, and therefore is an extension of herself. What's to say what a woman does with her body? And who's to say she's in a good position to start popping babies? Her life means just as much as her fetus. If she's not in a good financial position, then that child won't be in a good financial position either. Who wants to be born into an unstable household? If the mother thinks it's best to have an abortion, then let her do it.

  • Nothing in it for me

    I would gain absolutely nothing. I am not threatened by women getting abortions, nobody in my life is threatened by it either. I think putting emotional stock into it so that it does feel threatening to you is a foolish thing to do. So abortion should stay legal so I don't have to pay for the police to arrest women and doctors involved in abortion.

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1dustpelt says2013-09-23T23:42:03.427
This OP wasn't worded biasedly at all...
MasturDbtor says2013-09-24T00:24:40.013
Everything is biased. I'm sure with my question and its style and all the other ones related to abortion people can make up their own minds. I've brought up a good point. If we ban abortion YOU will be paying for it.