Should Nancy Grace bear some of the blame for the suicide of Melinda Duckett?

  • Yes She Does

    I do not believe Nancy Grace belongs on the air and I believe it would be far better for her to be fired and told not to return. I believe Nancy Grace should bear some of the blame for the suicide of Melinda Duckett, but her comments indicate she shows absolutely no remorse what so ever. I would compare her activity to that of a high school bully and rather than face monetary loss, I think she should face jail time.

  • Media Has Morals

    The media should have some kind of moral responsibility for the job it does. Unfortunately, Nancy Grace is an in-studio "host" and not a journalist. Grace just sits there and spouts off about how incredibly unbelievable something is, and when she berated Duckett for not being forthright, the witness became confused. If Duckett didn't have an attorney, then CNN and Headline News should have taken that into account before the interview took place. Duckett was simply an injured gazelle chomped upon by a lion.

  • While the situation was unfortunate, it was not her fault.

    It is sad that Melinda Duckett took her life, but she was also the suspect in the case as well. And people know what kind of interviewer Nancy Grace is. She would have to expect if she did not appear to be completely honest and open out her son missing it would look suspect. For all we know she took her life because she knew that people were going to find out what happened.

  • Nancy Grace should not bear some of the blame for the suicidie of Melinda Duckett.

    Nancy Grace should not bear some of the blame for the suicide of Melinda Duckett. Although it seems evident that Melinda Duckett shot herself the very next day after her interview with Nancy Grace, it is unfair to blame Nancy Grace for Melinda Duckett's actions. Melinda Duckett was having difficulty answering some of Nancy Grace's questions regarding the disappearance of her son Trenton, but to suggest that her suicide was the result of Grace's questioning is unreasonable. It is more likely that Duckett committed suicide because she was feeling guilty and possibly was responsible for the disappearance of her son.

  • She should not

    No, I do not think that this lady had any thing to do with the suicide of Melinda, and she should not feel like any of the blame for what happened is on her. What Melinda did is her own decision, and I do not think that Nancy is responsible.

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