• Do Not Teach to the NAPLAN Test

    As long as teachers are punished for teaching to get the answers right and the delivery of the class program is not teaching to the NAPLAN test. It's like cheating. Some teachers/schools teach to the test, Others don't. Those who deliver a program that teach to the test have a head start and are advantaged above the others. That is not a proper testing condition and the data from the results can be deemed skewed providing false information. Other than that, NAPLAN is fine. All too often the tests control the curriculum delivery. .

  • NAPLAN provides a gateway to improvement

    Many of you find it much easier to just say gibberish about it and how stupid it sounds and is but in the long term it's still contributing to the advancement of the school's education system, not to mention the curriculum too. I completed my last NAPLAN exam last year and have been taking these tests since the beginning. Personally I don't see why people should be complaining about it if they dont care about the results. I'm pretty sure you won't miss out on becoming a doctor because you missed a few days of school, in which every student does every year anyways. If NAPLAN is bothering you and unnecessarily stressing you, you can always opt out of it as it is actually optional. However due to the simplicity of the exam it should serve as no big issue to participate in the examination and get an overall idea of what you should've known up until this point of education. It's also true that students are crammed with quite a lot of assessments however it is also a fact that if you wanted to, you could've completed all the given assignments as you can't really prepare for naplan and it shouldn't really be your first reason to stress. People just want to make up unreasonable excuses to get rid of something they dislike. Well if you have a specific idea that would improve the education system you're free to share it with all of us instead of just saying investing money to educate students. If teachers cant Identify the gaps in learning then how are they meant to actually teach something useful to you?

  • Yea naplan should

    While the national and state level NAPLAN results cannot tell us what has contributed to changes in student achievement, this is not the full extent of what NAPLAN offers. It also provides schools with finely-grained data on the performance of their students that they can use to investigate their classroom teaching strategies and the strength of their school programs.

  • Yes. Simple as that

    I attended my final NAPLAN test last year and although the test may seem bad at the moment it helps in the development of the Australian Curriculum for future years. I understand it is stressful for some students and a point myself, however it is similar to a normal pop quiz or spelling test, but you are graded. The grade does not contribute to a final end of year grade, but it serves and utter importance for schools and the government. NAPLAN is only used in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9, which at that point should not interfere with any assessments or exams.

  • It is very much pointless.

    I understand why they implemented it but i have done naplan and, well, it is a waste of time and money. I and alot of my friends entered looked and watsed our time by drawing random stuff. Got the results and couldn't care less now. I got talked to by a teacher as to why i did what i did. I replied with why did i waste 12 compulsory days of testing that in no way will affect my END RESULT of year 12. I ask why bother with a test where people won't give a damn and waste money that could be put towards actual education? The naplan is a utter waste time and money. If you argue with this and you are a parent, STEP BACK. YOU NEVER HAD TO SIT NAPLAN. You can't speak from experience so don't think you know what naplan is like. Naplan should be discontinued.

  • Yes, Of Course It Should

    NAPLAN is imperative to schooling now days to prepare young students for the higher tests and exam standards they will need to achieve. NAPLAN is also a way for the government to monitor schools to decide which school needs more funding and to which subject in particular. Without NAPLAN some schools can be left with an over exaggeration of money and others with a low standard of education.

  • NAPLAN is terrible

    It causes stress and puts unwanted pressure on children. Children already have to do lots of tests at school. But one more big one? Is it really necessary? Sure NAPLAN is important for seeing childrens progress, But it has too many bad consequences. Save our beloved children from this horror.

  • don't continue naplan everrrrrrrr

    Just dontttt pleaseeee i just don't want ittt please, Its bad it causes stress and anxiety its horrible pleaseeeeee i hate it its bad its terrible pleaseeee please take it from me, I knowwww, Ive experienced it pleaseeeee pleaseeeeee please i should know pleaseeee i hate it its horribleeeed pleaseeeeeee

  • No point in it

    NAPLAN is a waste of time and puts pressure on children to succeed. Schools and the government make it a big deal that you have to do well on it and try your best but really there is absolutely no point in it. The results are practically comparing your child to another child which is something we should not do. Kids should be proud of their personal best and shouldn’t be compared to other kids in the whole country.

  • NAPLAN is not necessary

    I am about to do my NAPLAN test next term and we just did a debate on it as well and I think that NAPLAN is a waste of the government's resources. This is because NAPLAN is just like any other test except it's graded and the results are sent to the government not just the school. This could be done with tests like half-yearly's or in primary school a normal test for you reports. The government can spend their money on so many better things like school funding, hospitals, infrastructure and much more. Overall I have nothing wrong with NAPLAN and don't stress about it too much but I think it's a waste of not only the students' time but the government's resources.

  • NAPLAN is a load of crap.

    NAPLAN is the worst test ever. I got straight A's and passed all the years but didnt reach band 8 which means i have to do OLNA to graduate highschool. I studied the crap out of the tests and failed and didnt graduate. Now i have a nice car, wife and house im loaded with cash

  • Determines school funding

    The results scored on NAPLAN tests determines school funding.
    Therefore a school has to do well to acquire adequate funding.
    As a student of a state school I know first hand that teachers are obsessed with NAPLAN and run MULTIPLE whole grade practice tests!
    On top of that, as I am a high achieving student I am required to attend 2 NAPLAN preparation classes a week with the master teacher which as a result I miss out on ENGLISH and MATHS.
    There is a lot of pressure on schools to perform well the has a negative affect as teachers are obsessed and as a result all of the preparation takes away from important curriculum learning.

  • NAPLAN is bad

    I've participated in NAPLAN and am about to participate in it for my last time (Tomorrow). It should be abolished. The school I go to places students in classes based on their previous NAPLAN results and I think this to be quite bad for our (Students) self-esteem. I have many friends who tell our teachers that NAPLAN made them feel dumb and stupid. It also adds so much pressure onto our already stressful lives. Learning new curriculum content and then NAPLAN content added to that, I along with many other students find it hard to cope with this extra work (especially considering I am in a high achieving class and recieve a load of extra work in normal classes)

  • Students are already receiving lots of homework, assessments, and assignments they don't need another test on top of that

    Students are already receiving lots of homework, assessments, and assignments they don't need another test on top of that. Now that some school are putting a band 8 rule students are coming up with excuses like sickness for example so they can get an insight from their mates before they do the test giving them an advantage and more time to study on that extra day

  • Fuck yeah i dont care

    I dont give ashit really NAPLAN is too easy. I have myself been through NAPLAN and I think it is useless, it is way too easy for me, most of my friends get high marks and it just occupies time. We missed an valuable excursion because of it, we need a more harde test like ICAS to actually boost our students brains instead of easy questions. Harder is better but easy is useless.

  • Naplan doesent even inprove students learning!!!!!!!

    Even since NAPLAN was established in 2008, there has been no evidence of overall inprovement throughout the years it has been running. In fact, even the year 7 and 9 literacy marks have decreasesed and gotten worse since the start of this worthless test. It is only stressing out our children, who is only 8 and is getting no sleep at night and keeps crawling into my bed with the fear of his test score on NAPLAN. Think about that now, some students may be able to cope, but what about the ones who don't? The last thing I want is for my child to get teased, and when that happens, who will there be to blame?

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