Should narcissists and psychopaths be allowed in Politics

Asked by: jtightlips24
  • Unfortunately yes, because who holds the definitive measuring stick that absolutely EVERYONE recognizes as objective?

    Who is to say that any given individual is mentally competent enough to decide important aspects of our lives? Everyone is wrong quite a few times in their lives. No one is exempt from this rule. That said, on any given issue, how do you know whether you are right or wrong? Can can say you know you are right about an issue, but that is what everyone says when they think they are right. This applies to nutjobs as well. Many crazy people don't know they are crazy, or if they do, they don't understand the depth of their instability. That said, do you want a majority of people in power, who are honestly mentally incompetent, saying that YOU are the crazy one, and therefore not mentally fit enough for office? Take the issue, and ask yourself this:
    What happens when supposedly insane people get in office, and claim the sane people are crazy, and are not lawfully allowed to hold office. You may not like it, but saying people will not be allowed to hold office because they don't believe in global warming or evolution is technically not the tactical way to handle it. You must consider what happens when that law comes back around to bite the sane people in the ass. This is technically already happening to a degree: the religious right is heavily opposed to abortion, not realizing that by adding more mouths to feed in the global population, we ensure that someone else must die so the new individual will have the food, water, and oil that they need. Anyone opposed to abortion is opposed to preventing the death of innocent children in third world countries. Does that make any sense? No. BUT to say people who think that way are not, or simply should not, be legally allowed to hold office is not a good idea.
    At all. You have to allow people with "crazy" ideas into the public forum to speak, otherwise, you end up with situations like Galileo Galilei's. Or the Salem Witch Trials, or slavery (where the slavers said abolitionists were insane or "haughty" and "self-righteous").

    In conclusion, beware the double-edged sword that is the finger.

    Posted by: JRF
  • Don't vote them in

    Let's venture a different route instead--to remove psychopaths and narcissists from politics all one needs to do is not vote for them. Instead of making some arcane law that would be difficult to enforce and easy to abuse do the simple think and just not vote for these clearly unqualified people.

  • What one calls narcissistic another calls civilized; as long as it ain't some mangina overprotective father, then yes

    How are we judge what is and what is not. I do know that we should have the man who's best for the job and will be loyal to their country. Not some lying or traitor like we have in the Oval Office right now. So no, yes. But this narcissist and psychopath. Now the physcopath part I agree with.
    But what about narcissism. Who are we to say what's narcissistic and not?
    The only thing I agree on that I don't want a serial killer running our country.

  • People with Dementia, Mental Retardation, Schizophrenia, ect. Can barely get anywhere, and they are still decent people

    Yet a Psychopath can get in. If it were up to me, any psychopath or narcissism trying to run for political office would be booted off to an asylum. We dont need evil goons controlling our country, and who knows what a psychopath will do. But then, you would have to be a pretty big psychopath or narcissist to want so much power.

  • Saddam Huissien was a psycopath and look what happened

    When psycopaths are given government power that can spell disaster for it's people. If someone who is crazy, has no remorse, or just plain evil then there is nothing emotionally stopping them from killing the people of their nation and others.
    Napoleon, Saddam Hussein, Ivan The Terrible were all psycopaths and look what they did with government power

  • They're not mentally fit to lead.

    Nothing against narcissists, but if you feed off of power, and enjoy manipulating people, we shouldn't give you that power. If you have a mental illness such as narcissism, you are not mentally fit to lead our country. We need someone who has a clear mind and thinking trail.

    I understand that you don't have to vote them in, but them running would cause uproar and outrage. And secondly what would happen if they were elected? What changes would they make? Would they be distracted? Would they make unfit decisions?

    This is like giving someone with the wrong motives a seat of power.

  • No they should not be allowed power.

    Individuals with NPD tend to be drawn towards positions of power as do psychopaths. These individuals lack empathy due to a dysfunctional amagdala. They should not hold positions of power simply because they are more likely to abuse the system and abuse their positions of power, in short they are more likely to be corrupt. Also I believe personally, that individuals in key political positions should care about their constituency and their people, a psychopath is incapable of feeling for other individuals and will be numb to their pain and suffering. They tend to do what is best for them and not what is best for others. When in power it is also likely that they will seek to consolidate power for themselves and will l do so in a machivellian fashion.

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