Should NASA have cancelled the space shuttle program?

  • The shuttles were too old, too unstable, and the program wasn't worth the money

    Now, I am all for the Artemis program or whatever is coming next, but the Space Shuttle program simply wasn't worth it. What did they do? They went up to space and did some experiments and tested some things. Not exactly groundbreaking like Apollo 11. There's really no point in reviving any space exploration projects until we can colonize a planet for extended periods of time.

  • Yes they should.

    The truth is that we have been to the moon enough. Unless we have plans to colonize the moon or something, there is no reason to go there. Sending a space shuttle there costs so much more money. It is better used for different programs, like getting people to mars!

  • No, NASA should have kept the program up and running.

    Yes, the were over budget but the least the governments of the world could have teamed up and used all their money for them. And besides they cut it and still didn't replace it with a cheaper and newer one! NASA still has new things to discover in space. Without the shuttle we wouldn't have the ISS. We also wouldn't have discovered that sand groups up in space or that spiders make 3D webs.

  • NO NASA shouldn't have stooped it!!!!!

    Why I think we need the space program is because without it we cant explore space an solve new space mystery's also without it we wouldn't have half the tech we have TODAY!!!!! Also if we abandoned it we would have the tech already today but still being created. But with out it we cant travel to space and find ways to explore other planets like Mars!!

  • NO NASA shouldn't have cut the program!!!!!

    Why do I think the shouldn't have cut the program is because with out there inventions in the past we wouldn't have half the tech we have today!!! Also with out it going on today we might not have problems in space to solve! And without it going on we cant explore other planets, like Mars!

  • No, we need space exploration

    The lack of funding for NASA is mighty depressing, I cannot believe that we more or less decided to give up on space. Think of all that can be learned from it, why would we turn our backs on it when we have no problem spending money carelessly through other outlets?

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