Should NASA keep secrets from the general public?

  • It's a business, an awesome one

    Would you give the secret recipe of your famous sauce ? Of course not ! In any ways, not everyone should know what's going on. Most people are idiots and don't even realise that religion is shit, and they are completely paranoid, flat earthers, etc ... Nasa doesn't even hide many things from us, just some technology perhaps.

  • Do you want to pay for other countries space programs?

    If NASA releases information that is funded by tax dollars, it becomes the information available to space programs around the world. Nothing should be given away by the US to other countries, be it money, civil service, or space technology. I firmly say that NASA should keep secrets from the public.

  • NASA withholding information from the general public is often imperative to technological advancement and national security.

    NASA often deals with information and advancements that should not fall into the wrong hands, and could compromise our space exploration and national security. In order to keep those involved and the technology safe, sometimes information must be closely guarded. More importantly, when those details put the people involved in peril, the general public's right to know is superseded by the need to keep those directly involved safe.

    Posted by: VersedMitch26
  • Get real nasa

    We pay your salary via taxes as tax payers have a right to know its our information to have not yours to hide .You think were stupid and don't know what your trying to keep form us. Their is life on other worlds and as we gaze out in the sky we can look out and know that there is more out in the many galaxies.

  • Nasa you are really dumb

    The information you are keeping shall not be kept. Stop keeping secrets from the public. Also, stop saying stupid stuff like it can fall into the wrong hands. We need to know what is going on out there in the universe. We can't just live not knowing much stuff about the universe. If you know the information then we should be able to. And stop worring about stuff like if it is imperative to technological advancement. It is not. We are a civilization, We should share information with eachother not keep it secret.

  • Don't think we're stupid NASA

    First of all we the tax payers fund you so you should be presenting the information we deserve.
    Even as a human race we should all know the truth about the universe we live in and not be kept blind of the reality that is out there and let us finally evolve consciously to better understanding ourselves and our possible origins. Don't think we're stupid NASA

  • Rights and Responsibilities.

    Basically, NASA is a place of secrets and classified information. Although a good point from the other point of view is that some of the information that the government is hiding can definitely be bad for the country, as in their reactions to the information, it is still a right that citizens have. In alien movies, citizens can react badly to aliens when they are scared. Also, government funding is provided by taxes from the people. Therefore, the American citizens are basically paying for the right to information. Or they should be, anyways.

  • NASA was created through operation "paperclip".

    NASA should be telling us the truth about everything. Like what is really on the moon, Mars, and in our own solar system. The other problem is that because it was government funded the citizens of our government have a right to the tech and the truth about it's findings. If NASA had been more open I am sure there would be a thriving private space program now and fewer lives lost on bureaucratic screw ups. NASA had nothing to lose when it failed seeing as how we, the people, were paying for it no matter what.

  • NASA and Taxes

    Taxpayers are funding NASA so we should know everything that is going on in it. You wouldn't pay money to a fund that you only know half of what is going on.

  • NASA should operate transparently without keeping secrets from the general public.

    I do not believe that NASA should keep secrets from the general public. NASA is a taxpayer-funded agency whose purpose is to research and explore, providing for scientific progress. The general public has the right to know where its tax money is going, and how effectively it is being used. Furthermore, the results of NASA's investments in science must be shared with the world, in order to further mankind's scientific progress. If NASA is allowed to keep secrets from the general public, its ability to fulfill its mission could be extensively hindered.

    Posted by: AdjoiningClaud

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