• Dumbest "sport" ever

    It's a "sport" for rednecks and simpletons and is quite possibly the dumbest thing ever, the rest of the world uses it as a stick to beat America with. It's a stain on our nation and enforces the negative stereotype that Americans are idiots. An American embarrassment, kill it with fire.

  • I think that NASCAR should be banned

    There are many reasons why nascar should be banned. They use up an ungodly amount of fuel in the name of going around in circles. Not a very "green" thing in todays day and age. Personally, I'd rather these sponsors and gas companies lower prices instead of giving out millions to these guys. They're not athletes, it's a dangerous sport.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! It should be banned.

    I have nothing against NASCAR as sport, but it is unnecessary waste of natural resources (Fuel) which we import heavily from middle east. Why give money to middle east for fuel which is used for useless sports and entertainment. They can ride bicycle instead. In addition, unnecessary fuel burn causes pollution and global warming which no one wants to accept.

  • Breeds ignorance and accomplishes nothing

    Maybe these nascar fans should spend less time entertaining themselves and more time educating themselves. If people spent less time on needless entertainment and more time educating themselves and taking care of and focusing on the world around them things could be a lot better. Don't ban nascar, ban nascar drivers.

  • NASCAR causes Pollution

    NASCAR is one of the biggest companies in the world which causes a lot of pollution especially since races can last from a couple hours to days. So much pollutan would be out of the air if only NASCAR never existed. As long as NASCAR stays around the air will keep getting worse nad worse as we keep saying save the planet, we still haven't put in a big effort in order to get rid of NASCAR

  • Wastefull braindead sociopathic activity

    Ahh...Nascar..One more stinking piece of product spewing out of garbage called capitalist America.Nascar does nothing to enhance the lives of its viewers,on the contrary,it keeps them stupid and childlike...Drunks caring about explosions.It teaches the next generation,which BTW,is born confused by the double standards of its own species..How can we teach our children to care for this planet when they see so much waste all around them..These rednecks don't care about their children and are a bad influence on human society.Don't they think they had enough of going around in circles?

  • Waste of gasgas

    It's just simply a waste of gas. The world will run out of gas long before we run out of electricity we need to preserve the gas the best we can and wasting it on people to drive around in circles isn't one of them. People have fought and died in wars all for this precious natural resource is NASCAR what they would have wanted......

  • Nascar risks lives.

    Nascar racing throughout the years has started as a top, legitimate motorsport
    in the same light as Indycar, Formula One and many other associations.
    But now, that burning beacon that Nascar had for 50 years has flamed out.
    You know why? Because the league took everything Bill France held so
    dear to him and they have corrupted it all. Every race is a 500+ miler and the fans
    have a fiendish intent cheering for wrecks, even if it kills a driver. Look back at the
    2001 Daytona 500 and see if that does'nt refresh your memories. Nascar, it's over.

  • Extremely Dangerous Sport

    I think that the NASCAR should be banned is because it is a really dangerous sports that has killed many people. When you watch the actual fatal crashes, You see just how stupid and reckless the sport actually is. Going at 200mph in a circle followed by a crash is more likely to lead to a fatality. However, Slamming rednecks as being dumb and making your case by insulting a whole group of people does nothing to prove your point and I believe is quite offensive.

  • Yes. Why not?

    Its bullshit and senseless sport.
    They do not care about the lives of racers.
    Wastes a lot of fuel
    no one likes that sport
    causes a lot of pollution
    braindead activity
    good for nothing
    causes global warming
    just for entertainment they should not risk their lives
    wastage of money and revenue

  • Lot easier ways to "save the world"

    There's better ways to save the world than preventing sporting events. Fuel usage for the 1500 NASCAR sanctioned races for the YEAR is ~2million gallons. Http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Criticism_of_NASCAR
    USA gasoline consumption PER DAY is 367.8million gallons. Http://www.Eia.Gov/tools/faqs/faq.Cfm?Id=23&t=10
    Not even a drop in the bucket. Getting old cars off our roads and investing in more efficient means of freight transport (trains) would be a better place to start.
    People who need to tell other people how to spend their leisure time need to find something else to do with theirs.

  • There's ups and downs to it

    Yes, it uses a lot of fuel. What people don't realize is NASCAR is putting tons of money and time into finding more economic means of fuel. For those that didn't know, they redesigned the entire fuel injection system to make it more efficient, and are trying to experiment with different kinds of fuel. That helps to begin to nullify one of the complaints seen on this poll. The other complaints are all "it's stupid," "it's for rednecks," "It's unnecessary entertainment." You know what? That describes almost all of television and the internet. "It's dangerous." So is every sport on the planet. More people get hurt playing football and baseball than racing in NASCAR. In the last 5 years, the only beyond-a-bruise injuries have been Dale Jr's concussion, Denny Hamlins back injury, Micheal Annet's sternum injury, and Morgan McClure's rib injury. Compare that to other sports; how many injuries have there been that have taken one of the competitors out for a prolonged length of time, or a major injury? All forms of racing are dangerous, as are all forms of sports. I understand why people can dislike NASCAR, but saying it should be banned is insane.

  • Why should they?

    I am not a nascar fan. I prefer road racing (where they turn right occasionally). But there is no reason to ban Nascar. Because it is dangerous? Watch some videos from the 60's in any motorsport and then come back with some perspective. As a kid I stopped pulling for my favorite drivers because I had a new one almost every week. The formers ones either retired, were dead or on a wheelchair.
    Racing is a lot safer these days but dangerous enough not to make it trivial.

  • It make no sense to ban NASCAR

    NASCAR and any form of racing are, to a certain point, reality shows. They entertain those who like it. A top NASCAR team will spend 20 million per car, that's $860 million for a 43-car field. Each blockbuster movie costs hundreds of millions and most of them are rubbish in my opinion, should we ban them? No, there is a market for it and in our society of consumption that justifies it. Besides that, the technologies used in NASCAR (even F1) might not be the most relevant to road cars, but the technologies and software they use to develop their cars are. They are the guinea pigs of automotive development, so car manufacturers can make safer and more efficient cars with less risk of recall.

  • Ban the greenest sport?

    Ban NASCAR? Do you people really have nothing better to do with your lives? If you don't like NASCAR, or just don't get it, then find something else to do. Complaining about gas consumption is pretty hypocritical when there's one Cup race per week. Now lets look at the NBA, MLB, or NFL (for example). Just in the NFL, there's 15 stadiums running at (mostly) the same time, using electricity to power these massive stadiums. What makes this ok, but makes NASCAR wrong? Is it because you can see them adding fuel to the cars? This is the most ignorant pole I've ever seen. Case closed.

  • Above Average People

    Many drivers are not the red necks that the American populous thinks they are. Rather, they are sophisticated and well educated individuals in their trade - racing. Should we ban baseball, basketball, foot ball, cycling, soccer, etc. Because of steroid usage? If anything NASCAR and other motorsport are the only existing sports with a level playing field where it comes down to driving ability and having BALLS. And not your drug usage. Even drivers who try to gain an advantage through drug usage do not gain much, rather the drug policies are there for safety reasons.

  • How are we stupid or simpletons?

    Just about everybody that races local AND nationally has a decent amount of money, considering it's basically the most expensive sport. If everyone that does it is so stupid, how do they have the money? I race KARTS nationally and spend $60,000 PER YEAR, that's more than most's salaries

  • Don't be ridiculous.

    If you think NASCAR should be banned, we should also ban: football, baseball, basketball, hockey, skiing, biking, hiking, row-boating, sail-boating, surfing, running, drinking, smoking, driving, flying, and breathing, because all of those come with terrible consequences such as pollution, overexertion, congestion, overspending, overeating, oversleeping, and very likely injury and/or death.

  • Its just a sport, a form of entertainment

    It is a sport just like any other sport, like football, baseball or basketball. To ban NASCAR isn't right. You might as well just ban all the other sports. It provides entertainment to millions of fans and brings in a lot of revenue to the economy. NASCAR has been a very popular sport. With dangers being talked about, it is the viewers choice

  • Get over yourselves with resources

    Nascar started on the backs of the working people. It started through oppression of rights and lastly it is fun to watch and be around those that enjoy it. Also it isn't just a redneck sport, the diversity of the fans is massive. From high level corporate execs to the lowest ditch digge, it is entertainment they all enjoy.

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