• Yes, NASCAR should be considered a sport, because people are competing and have to maintain a certain level of fitness.

    NASCAR drivers have to stay somewhat fit to be able to climb into their cars and fit well. Plus, they have to be able to get out of the car if it crashes, or if there is some other type of intense situation. They are also competing against others for a prize, which makes it a sporting event.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • It's a Sport Worth Attending.

    While not being a fan, I agree with the simple notion that NASCAR is a sport. There is a competition, and that's all that matters. The term "sport" is used quite loosely. I would agree 100% with someone who says NASCAR is not an athletic event, which is the only argument against it being a sport. It requires very little athleticism -- an old man and a woman compete in the premier NASCAR series, i.e. Mark Martin and Danica Patrick. I've been to a few races in my day, and it's a great experience. An alarming number of the spectators are Walmartarians, but they're in an environment so hospitable to them they don't feel ashamed of themselves, which makes great people watching. That's one of the few reasons that people who aren't from the south enjoy NASCAR sanctioned events. They're pretty family friendly, though, and the tickets are relatively cheap. If someone doesn't think it's a sport, it's probably because they think it's a joke, but if they went to a race they might develop an appreciation for it like I have.

  • It is in every way a sport!

    All of those people who talk trash about NASCAR are only doing that because they pick on a sport that they know nothing about. I don't know anything about hockey, but you don't see me trash talking that sport. People don't understand the physical stamina that it takes to drive in a 500 or 600 mile race, for up to four hours, while in a 120 degrees car, while also having 42 other drivers trying to wreck you into the wall. Stop acting like you know everything about a sport when you know little or nothing about it. Please, just stop picking on NASCAR and all other forms of auto racing in general.

  • Yes, I believe NASCAR should be considered a sport.

    A sport takes skills and practice to master. NASCAR races can not be performed by just anyone. It takes a lot of time and skill to be able to drive at such speeds and not crash as soon as you take off. Those drivers are professionals and should be treated as sport professionals.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • I believe NASCAR and all other racing involving vehicles should be considered a sport, because of the physical training and stamina that are required of drivers.

    Just as other sports involve the use of equipment, so does auto racing. And, just as other sports require physical and mental training, so does auto racing. If anything, racing may be more physically grueling than many other sports, because of the length of time involved in any one race. Although it may seem to outside observers that the drivers are merely driving around a track, the level of sheer stamina required more than justifies the inclusion of racing as a sport.

    Posted by: SuddenRashad84
  • NASCAR is a sport because it makes use of human reflexes, similarly to most other athletic sports.

    Although NASCAR racers use the force of a car's engine, their work nonetheless requires skill and attention. A sport is determined by whether it is competitive and allows effort from the human mind. Cyclists use bikes for propulsion, and using the engine of a car may take less of a toll on the body, but it is still a sport that requires skill.

    Posted by: R4yCher
  • It involves a lot of skill and patience, just like other sports.

    NASCAR, in my eyes, is very interesting to watch. Some people don't think of it as a sport, but why not? These guys are the best drivers in the world, racing around tracks at over 150 MPH, doing about 100 laps or more a race. Racing requires extreme skill and patience, that's what makes people good and bad at it. The same people always win because they know exactly how to pull the right moves at the right time. Of coarse it should be a sport, it's competition.

    Posted by: E Barlow
  • Yes, NASCAR is definitely a sport, because it requires conditioning and skill.

    NASCAR should be considered a sport, because it requires a lot of athletic conditioning and skill. Drivers work in extremely high temperatures for hours at a time. They are sometimes pushed to extremes, and can easily dehydrate. They have to stay in shape to be able to perform well. Driving a stock car is more than just "turning left". These drivers are going at 200mph, three-wide, within inches of one another. This is a highly skilled situation that requires strategy and intelligence.

    Posted by: SAugustus
  • Absolutely it should.

    Dealing with extreme g force, extreme heat, low levels of oxygen and fine tuned hand eye coordination with intense resistance from the natural forces of the car eg bump steer, braking hard accelerating hard. There is no way a non-athletic individual could ever even make it through the qualifying rounds of NASCAR. Anyone who says NASCAR isn't a sport has never driven any vehicle to its limits for an extended period of time. Try driving a 4-wheeler or dirt-bike for an hour at its peak level and then answer this question.

  • Its more work than people think

    Its not just driving cars and turning left. NASCAR drivers are athletes who are put in intensely risking positions. It is a sport because it involves soooo much practice and knowledge. Some random person cant just hop in a car and drive 150 miles per hour around an oval. The heat would be unbearable and you would probably crash right away because you can't handle a car going that fast.

  • No, a sport is something that takes athletic excellence and the skill of an athlete, while NASCAR depends more on the car than the driver.

    What car a person drives, how quick their pit crew is, and the luck to avoid crashes is all that really matters in NASCAR. To say NASCAR drivers are athletes is to say that the baseball determines who wins a game. NASCAR is about the equipment used, not the person driving it.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • No, because simply driving a race car is not a sport.

    Sports are things that require a certain level of athletic talent and feats of skill or strength. I do not believe that NASCAR meets any of these qualifications. While there is definitely a skill to driving a race car, you aren't doing anything athletic. Athleticism involves quickness and dexterity of movement, sight, etc. Whereas driving a race car just requires keeping your hands properly on the wheel.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Operating a mechanical apparatus is not a sport.

    Flying planes, driving cars and trains and piloting snowmobiles and boats can be difficult, challenging and require years of training. However, operating a mechanical vehicle is different from the athleticism common to most sports. Traditional notions of sports don't involve a mechanical apparatus with a running engine as a part of an athletic endeavor.

  • Hell no, it is not a sport.

    I feel that a sport needs to be more active like football, soccer, baseball, hockey where players get involved in contact. People need to understand that driving a car is a skill not a talent. Who want to spend their time watch NASCAR where they only drive in circle 5oo times.

  • Nascar is more like an activity not a sport

    I strongly believe a sport should be more active like baseball, hockey, and other sports that have physical contact. Driving a car is a skill, not a talent. Who want to spend their time watching racers go in circle for 500 laps and waste at least 2 hours of their time?

  • No physical activity

    Nascar is NOT a sport. Playing soccer in the heat, running bases in baseball/softball, or dribbling a ball down the basketball court constantly is a sport. Sitting in a hot car for 3 hours is not. And besides, who cares if one car beats another? Nobody. Do people care if the Green Bay Packers beat the New England Patriots. Yes. In my opinion, NASCAR is not a sport.

  • Race car driving requires no athletic skill.

    You do not need to be in shape to drive a car well. Anyone can learn how to drive a car well, and the car is doing the competing--not the person who is driving. In athletic sports, the people compete not the machines. NASCAR is just testing who has the fastest car.

  • It's not physical.

    What is the percentage of NASCAR drivers whose father was a NASCAR driver, or whose immediate family is involved in such? I don't have any empirical data on this - but I know without a doubt that that this percentage is astronomically higher than say; Major League Baseball, NBA, NHL or of course, NFL. Why is that? Maybe because any of the latter sports are incredibly demanding. Being able to throw a touchdown pass with a wall of angry muscle trying to crush you = really hard. Sitting in a chair steering a car that goes really fast = really easy apparently. How else could every other driver be a Jr.? Every son of every NASCAR driver is born with the 'gift' Hmnn? Really? Naw - t'aint so. If someone enjoys NASCAR, thats fine. I like it too. That doesn't mean that it is difficult to drive one, though, just difficult to get an 'in' to drive one.

  • I do not believe NASCAR should be considered a sport, but, rather, a competition, like a foot race.

    NASCAR should not be considered a sport in the traditional sense, but, rather, a competition. Sports use a ball or, in hockey's case, a puck, and have well-defined "points" or "goals". And, more often than not, they have teams of individuals. NASCAR belongs to a class of activities, like track, gymnastics, and horse racing, that are more like competitions, rather than actual sports.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Nascar Isn't A sport

    Nascar athletes are jokes, like honestly, every day millions of people drive in cars. Great, Nascar is faster than your average car, but if you put a Nascar "athlete" into any other sport, like hockey, they would be seriously injured. They are not physically fit, they are not "athletes" and Nascar is definitely not an actual sport. Nascar is a joke.
    NASCAR= Non-Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks

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imademon2012 says2015-03-23T21:53:03.193
Some pro Nascar debaters have asserted that Nascar 'athletes' have to train to stay to in condition in order compete in their sport just like other athletes. However if driving was an athletic activity they wouldn't have to do anything beside drive to stay in shape. This admission demonstrates that Nascar is not an athletic activity thus not a sport. In reality runners only need to run, ballplayers only need to play ball, fighter only need to fight any cross training is minimally done to prevent injury from imbalance muscles.