Should NASCAR be considered a sport in America?

Asked by: KatPeterson
  • It Definitely Should!!!!

    How is this not a sport?? Many Americans, when asked to explain what NASCAR is, say that it is simply grown men taking a left turn for 3 to 4 hours. What many do not know is that NASCAR is not an individual sport! It takes a team to do this people! It takes a crew chief, crew members, sponsors, team owners, car owners, and the driver to make this happen! These men have to practice daily and work out almost 6/24 until the day of the race including the driver. It is physically and mentally demanding for all of the team members working on the car. A driver can lose anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds in a single race from sweating! That is almost or nowhere near the same as any football, baseball, tennis, or basketball player. In fact, the definition of sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment which is exactly what NASCAR is. Back to what I was saying in the beginning, people describe this as drivers taking a left turn a whole race, but they get offended or say it's not the same thing if you say football is only grown men jumping on top each other to make something called a "touchdown?". When you watch it there is obviously more than just this to it and they have never even given NASCAR a chance so how can the say that they know what it when they've never watched it!!! Anyway to conclude my opinion, I would like to state that no matter what anybody says, NASCAR is indeed a sport. After all, it's on ESPN right? Isn't that a sport's station.....?????

  • Warning: Extreme Athleticism is Required

    Here are a couple key reasons why NASCAR is a sport:
    -Upper Body Strength: The sheer power that a driver must exert to turn the car, coupled with the intense G-forces encountered, means that a typical NASCAR driver must have strength in his or her chest, arms, and upper back to be able to perform at a high level.

    -Coordination: hand-eye coordination and rapid reaction times are also required. At speeds approaching (and sometimes exceeding) 200 MPH, a slow reaction time might mean a missed opportunity to gain positions, or worse...A crash.

    -Endurance: Races that last between 3-4 hours (sometimes more) means that drivers must be able to endure the high g-forces and high heat for the entire race with only small breaks (caution laps and pit stops).

    Upper body strength, hand-eye coordination/reaction times, and endurance all make NASCAR Drivers (as well as racers doing other disciplines like Indy and F1) athletes, and therefore makes racing a sport.

  • How is NASCAR worthwhile?

    If you can justify driving 43 cars around the same giant loop for 3-5 hours, while burning hundreds of gallons of fuel per "race," then NASCAR could be a sport. Why are we allowing a minute number of people spend a Sunday afternoon burning fuel that the common people could be using during everyday life? If you don't see purpose in life without driving at breakneck speeds for hours on end, spend your own time and gas money and travel to Europe.

  • All you do is drive a car

    Any American over the age of 16 can all drive a car. What difference do these drivers have over them. These NASCAR drivers have no other skill. All they do is sit on their butts for an hour or so and drive around and around in a circle for 400 laps or so. They have no athletic ability to run or tackle or hit a 90 MPH ball getting thrown at them. If anything, their car should be given more credit than they should.

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