• Need more races

    Nascar should have a longer chase and change their format again. I also think that nascar should race at more racetracks and have more races in a season.They need to have over 40 races a season. If they made more racetracks they should be a restrictor plate or road course. If it is a as felt racetrack they need to have more right turns.

  • They should get rid of the chase.

    I remember when a driver would be locked in for the championship with 3 races left in the season. Sure, the chase adds more drama, but it does not usually reward the best driver of the season. If Jimmie Johnson is the leader in points and he is in the final lap at Homestead and he blows a tire, he loses his rightful championship all because they need to add more excitement and drama. I believe that the chase is one of the worst decisions nascar ever made next to leaving North Wilkesboro. Back when Jarrett and Earnhardt sr. Were racing and when Gordon was called "wonder boy" it was much more fun to watch the races. Now it seems that they are focusing on a younger audience and are leaving their hardcore fans behind.

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