Should Nate Robinson have signed with the Denver Nuggets?

  • Nate the Great Signs with Denver

    Nate Robinson is one of the few players that is used heavily by a team in need and at the end of the year he is left to find another team in need. Unfortunately not many teams are willing to keep him longer than a year or two on contract, so Nate has no choice but to latch onto the next team that is willing to pay him to stay. Denver has offered him a 2 year deal worth almost $4 million which is a great salary for the role he plays for a team (often off the bench or substituting the main guard if they're on injury reserve). It could be because of his antics off the court that merit him not getting the huge contract he wishes he had, but finding a job in the NBA is no easy task and he should take whatever option is out there.

  • No uniforms for students

    No, I do not think that students should be forced to wear uniforms in schools. I think that students should be able to express themselves wearing almost whatever they want, as long as it is not too revealing. I think that students should be able to make their own decisions about what they wear.

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