Should nations do more to protect the economic and social rights of migrants?

  • Migrants should be protected if legal

    Overall migrants should have the same right as native citizens when it comes to being protected socially and economically no matter where they live. In many countries right now that is not always the case and it could lead to civil wars or innocent people getting hurt or dying as a result.

  • Yes, they are a particularly vulnerable population

    The proper purpose of any government should be to protect and enhance the natural rights of human beings. Sometimes, people need or are forced to cross political boundaries. Because they might not immediately fit in culturally to their new home, migrants can experience violations of their rights at higher rates than other citizens. Crossing arbitrary political lines does not make a human less deserving of his or her rights, and so they should be afforded appropriate protections.

  • Yes, migrant workers support the economy.

    People sometimes use the migrant worker cause as a scape goat for everything that is wrong with the economy, but if these people did not pass through our borders and do the physical and agricultural work that no one else wants to do we'd be paying more for everything. We need to ensure that they are not horribly exploited and that their living conditions are at least adequate.

  • Yes, of course.

    The rights of people really need to start being respected much more, migrants or otherwise. Until we all start treating one another with more respect and more kindly, we will continue to have the issues that plague us. We need to be forward thinking when it comes to topics like this.

  • Yes, immigrants are entitled to equality!

    Yes, a nation should ensure that all residents are treated fairly in regards to economic opportunity and social equality. This is true for everyone, regardless of their country of birth. No one should be treated poorly simply because they belong to a particular grouping or category of people. Unfortunately, discrimination on the basis of citizenship status or country of origin is common among even the most developed countries, and this inequality appears quite often the institutional level, not just the individual level. Therefore, nations in which migrant or non-native people are shown differential treatment should work harder to ensure that equality exists for all.

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