• No Native American names are not offense of.

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  • No they are not offensive

    Ido not think that it is offensive . I think you should co-inside with the tribes and see how they think about it and hangout till they like it and if you can not make them happy just go with you original idea cause if they don't like itmtheydont have to look at it

  • Yes, we are honoring Native Americans.

    Our mascots bring pride, not disrespect. Why would you make fun of the emblem representing you and your team? It would be even more of a discrimination to exclude Native Americans from these famous sports titles. This is not racist. How many Native Americans are offended by these mascots? This is key to the other side's argument.

  • They're just mascots, not the actual people.

    It costs 5-15 million to change 1 mascot, and there is about 42,624 teams with native american mascots. Americas already 18 trillion dollars in debt, and changing all those mascots would cost us 39 billion, 360 million dollars. There is much bigger fish to fry, we can hardly feed half the country, and you want us to focus on a couple of mascots.

  • Yes, they are not offensive

    School mascots are a source of pride for students, faculty, and alumni. Because of this, I believe it is an honor for Native American tribes or any other nationality to be chosen as a mascot. My high school mascot was the Vikings, and I was proud of that as a person with Viking heritage.

  • No, they are a reflection of outdated norms.

    When team sports first became popular, mascots were chosen to reflect team pride without much thought as to if these nicknames would offend anyone. The continued use of Native American mascots reflect these outdated notions and an aversion to change. It is no different that using mascot names that degrade other nationalities.

  • No, Native American mascots should not be tolerated.

    No, Native American mascots should not be allowed, as they are disrespectful to the cultures from which they are derived. They foster false stereotypical images of Native Americans that those who have never met real Native Americans might be tempted to believe. They relegate Native Americans to caricature, making it more difficult to see them as human beings with unique personalities.

  • Sports should not be racist

    Native American mascots should only be allowed if they represent Native American teams. In most cases, this is not the case. In the case of the Washington Redskins, many sports outlets will not even speak or print the name, which just distracts from the play on the field, which is supposed to be the whole point

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